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Latin America.

Latin America.
Latin America is a region located between the US and Antarctica. The total number of states included in its composition is 33 countries and 13 colonies. All of them are distinguished by completely different levels of development and ethnic composition of the population.
The most popular place for Russians in this part of the American continent is & # 8211; of course, Cuba. Thanks to the socialism that is still being built on its shores, this land is quite contradictory with its extremes: on the one hand, they offer their citizens free medicine and education, while they are of quite good quality, and on the other hand, here very few people know what a good high-speed Internet.
Emigration to Cuba should be a conscious step, as it is rather difficult to become a citizen of this country. The main reason is the birth on its territory. In all other cases, a maximum of what a foreign migrant can satisfy, & # 8211; this is the status of a permanent resident, who in principle practically equates his rights with legal citizens.
The process of obtaining Cuban citizenship is also complicated by the fact that the law does not clearly define criteria that could facilitate legalization: there can be no question of naturalization or obtaining status through the purchase of real estate.
As a migration option, you can choose to work in Cuba. Problems with its search should not arise. There can be difficulties only with payment, because the island state high salaries are not famous.
The situation in another Latin American country, Uruguay, looks somewhat different. Emigration to Uruguay will not be so bureaucratically complicated. Naturalization is only three years, the standard of living is higher than in other countries in this region, but unemployment is lower than even in some European countries.
Previously you can get to know the country as the most ordinary tourist. Moreover, without a visa, Russians can stay here for about three months.
One can not fail to mention such an advantage of Uruguayan citizenship as the opportunity to visit Japan, New Zealand, the countries of the European Union and South-East Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America without a visa stamp.
Emigration to Costa Rica attracts foreigners with its transparency and clarity. Get a residence permit and permanent residence here is not so difficult. In addition, there are many immigration programs in Costa Rica, based on which you can settle here without any problems:
In addition, that Russians can stay in this country for three months without an entry visa, the intention to obtain a local passport can be reinforced by the fact that they officially recognize the second citizenship. Pensioners and rentiers with their Russian incomes can settle here especially successfully: for them the procedure for obtaining Costa Rican citizenship is simplified as much as possible.
Other popular destinations.
Of course, the list of interesting countries in the migration plan in this part of the world is not limited to this:
emigration to Brazil attracts connoisseurs of beautiful landscapes, eternal summer, healthy lifestyle. At the same time, the cost of living in this country is much lower than in Russia itself. This applies to essentials, and saving on electricity and heating, because below +10 degrees the temperature is never lowered here; moving to Argentina guarantees a hospitable reception for able-bodied citizens from 20 to 65 years who were not convicted. All the rest will have to get permission to immigrate. The procedure for obtaining residence permit and permanent residence, not to mention citizenship, is not simple; the authorities of the Dominican Republic are interested not only in the large influx of tourists, but also in the increase in the population due to migrants who can contribute to the development of the economy. Therefore, businessmen and specialists of rare professions are especially happy here; immigration to Chile is quite promising - it is difficult to find a more suitable state for moving. The country acquired its present image precisely thanks to migrants. The process of development of this territory by the Spaniards began in the distant 16th century, Germans, Jews, British, and Arabs continued it. People who were once migrants themselves are very good to those who have expressed a desire to settle in their country; in Ecuador, a large number of programs have been developed for Russians, which make it possible to obtain the status of a citizen in a simplified order. It takes the entire process for no more than three years. At the same time, there are no such concepts as immigration and permanent residency in the migration legislation: the visa procedure begins and ends immediately with citizenship.
From year to year, those who want to move to the South American continent are becoming more and more, but the chances of doing this are getting smaller. Many countries, being unprepared for such an influx of migrants, are striving to tighten the rules of legalization in order to limit their flow. So, let's figure out how to register the citizenship of Uruguay & # 8211; one of the most popular countries in this part of the world. [& hellip;]
Having once visited the Caribbean Sea, many travelers are thinking about staying here forever, especially since the state itself does not put forward any special obstacles. The preparation of documents is also not too bureaucratic, and the living conditions attract businessmen and professionals of various professions. So, how to obtain Costa Rica citizenship and migrate to one of [& hellip;]
Those who decided to settle in Cuba, it is necessary to remember that the tourist life differs significantly from permanent residence. And if we take into account the fact that the building of socialism is in full swing, it is reasonable to assume that it will take a lot of work, but one can not even dream of making a big profit. Small business here, of course, exists, but does not bring special profits. If all [& hellip;]
Cuba attracts foreigners with a tropical climate, the opportunity to receive free education and one of the world's best healthcare systems. But it is extremely difficult to obtain the citizenship of Cuba and it is possible only in very rare cases. Grounds for admission to Cuban citizenship A clear list of criteria that would serve as the basis for admission of foreigners into Cuba's citizenship, in the legislation of this country is not [& hellip;]
How well do people live in Brazil? Does it make sense to emigrate from Russia to Brazil in 2018? Of course, if you plan a long stay in a country, you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons. We will continue to do this later. Advantages of emigration to Brazil One of the main advantages of Brazil, whatever one may say, is its nature: it's very beautiful here, [& hellip;]
Argentina is a very colorful, but not very rich country in Latin America. Therefore, before making decisions and burning bridges in your homeland, take a closer look at it. Emigration to Argentina & # 8211; especially a responsible step, because the distance will have to overcome a lot. Who can go to Argentina If you are a grown man (or woman) in the prime of life, that is, [& hellip;]
Bureaucratic barriers for visitors in this country are rather low and it will not be difficult to overcome them. Friendly people, a mild climate, a leisurely flow of life & # 8211; all this has to provide a warm welcome to those who have decided that from now on they will build their life here. Immigration to the Dominican Republic on the shoulder to any zealous migrant. Advantages of Dominican Republic The first thing that [& hellip;]
A country full of prospects, & # 8211; Is not that what any migrant dreams about? The countries of Latin America began to enjoy great popularity among those who are looking for a place to settle. Immigration to Chile promises an uncomplicated process of naturalization, especially if it is a question of beginning businessmen or young doctors. A bit of history As a historical reference, it is worth noting that Chile is [& hellip;]
The Russian emigrate to Ecuador is very simple and convenient: the immigration policy of this state offers a choice of a few special, narrowly focused programs. We will understand how emigration to Ecuador can be carried out. Methods of emigration to Ecuador Each of the official government programs that allow foreigners to come to Ecuador with a view to arranging permanent accommodation is in high demand. Programs allow [& hellip;]
The emigration of Russians to Costa Rica annually becomes more popular, which is due to the absence of complex bureaucratic obstacles and the transparency of the process of obtaining first a residence permit, and then permanent residence. This country attracts Russians almost ideal conditions for working and doing business. How to immigrate to Costa Rica? General Immigration Principle Visiting Costa Rica for tourist purposes, if the trip does not exceed [& hellip;]
Cuba is an island of contradictions. Officially, socialism is still built there, but small-scale entrepreneurial activity is allowed. A wonderful climate is getting along with a deficit of products. Free medicine and education - with the lack of internet. Emigration to Cuba will make you a different person. Citizenship and residence People who have visited Cuba usually make the decision or never come here again, or stay [& hellip;]
The standard of living in Uruguay is quite high, especially compared to other countries in South America. Therefore, emigration to Uruguay became popular not only among our compatriots, but also among citizens from other countries. Benefits Uruguay Here for citizens of the country provided free medical care and education. The crime rate is low, and the unemployed are much less than in some European [& hellip;]

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