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Krakow. The cultural capital of Poland and the prospects for life in it.

Krakow. The cultural capital of Poland and the prospects for life in it.
Krakow is in truth the cultural capital of Poland. Do you want to open a business in Poland? Then the first thing you need to choose a place of residence for the development of your business. Today we will consider a very interesting and original city. If your dream is to open a company in Poland and at the same time live in a real medieval city, where the centuries-old history and modern life are closely interwoven, then Krakow will become a wonderful choice. This is the third largest city in Poland after such giants as Warsaw and Lodz. And it is he who is considered the cultural capital of the Polish state. Therefore, Krakow is ideal for permanent residence in Poland. In it there is that inexplicable charm that is not inherent in the capital of this country - Warsaw.
Krakow. The cultural capital of Poland and the prospects for life in it. Yes, you did not misinterpret. It is about the prospects and will go further speech.
Residence permit in Poland.
Arriving in the city, a person immediately feels the unique and attractive charm of medieval streets, majestic squares, ancient churches. To appreciate Krakow and appreciate its greatness, you need to live here. If you go through it in transit, then it just does not have time to open up for the person who came to this city. And the best option is to obtain a residence permit in Poland and further residence in this wonderful city.
Krakow does not tolerate haste and unnecessary fuss. Everything is imbued with solemn calm in it. And only making leisurely walks through the narrow streets of the Old City, contemplating the beauty of the city from the heights of local barrows, one can understand, no, rather feel what Krakow is different from Warsaw, and why it is so loved by both local residents and all other Poles. Careful preparation is necessary to open a residence permit in Poland. And yet there is a rather interesting and simple way. You can open your business in Poland. Usually it takes no more than one month to register a company. And after that, you can file an application to become a full-fledged citizen.
For many people, permanent residence in Poland becomes a cherished dream. But, despite all the difficulties, this dream is real. Having opened a business in Poland, for example, in Krakow, and having lived in the country for at least 5 years, you can safely apply for permanent residence in Poland. As a rule, refusals are rare.
If you are wondering where to open a company in Poland, then we can advise an excellent option. Krakow. The cultural capital of Poland and the prospects for life in it increasingly attract the attention of businessmen. The city has a leisurely and relaxing atmosphere, so life in it will be at the same pace.
Krakow is mostly a tourist center. If you are thinking about starting a company in Poland, for example, a hostel or a mini-hotel, then Krakow is ideal for this purpose. The flow of tourists increases every year and the profitability of this particular type of business is guaranteed to remain high. Well, the main advantage of all of the above is living in an old and very beautiful city and doing a favorite thing that brings in income.

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