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Jobs and vacancies in Iceland.

Jobs and vacancies in Iceland.
Iceland rarely chooses as a place to go to work, although there are many vacancies in this country for representatives of different professions. This is very important for Ukrainians and Russians who get a good education and qualifications and are able to work in different fields.
Work in Iceland has many advantages over other countries. The main areas where foreigners can be involved are: tourism, IT and high technologies, the fishing industry. In these areas of activity there are always vacancies, although you can search in education, science, service, construction.
Icelanders & # 8212; very friendly and open people, and the living standards of Iceland and the country's ecological situation can be one of the reasons to stay here forever. Settled for a good job, to issue permanent residence in Iceland is not difficult.
Current offers.
In addition to these specialties, the work can be found in engineering: both computer and gene, and technical. In addition, the following areas are "scarce":
biological technologies; software; farms; agrarian sector; social sphere; building.
You can find a permanent job, as well as a seasonal one. Most often seasonal workers are not enough at the farm enterprises, where for several months you can be employed to perform specific activities. Usually the season starts in April and lasts until September or October.
Knowledge of Icelandic is a must. For continuous work will require and knowledge of English. In the event that the officially employed worker lost his permanent income, he will be paid unemployment benefits and other social benefits. This provides for the country's legislation, so there are no illegal immigrants in Iceland.
Social work.
Without difficulty, those who seek to work with children, elderly people, people with disabilities who have suffered from disasters will be able to find work. Almost 90% of social services are on state security, therefore protection of the population is very developed in this country. Russians and Ukrainians can take care of seriously ill people, children in kindergartens, elderly people in hotels for the elderly.
This type of employment is offered also by numerous international humanitarian organizations, where people are constantly short. Therefore, the vacancy of "social work" & # 8212; one of the most common, but the requirements for candidates are quite high. First, the presence of a diploma in this field. Secondly, the possession of Icelandic. Thirdly, be prepared for a long move to Iceland, because Qualification testing can take several years.
The device to work in Iceland: features.
Despite the existence of a large number of vacancies, immigrants from the post-Soviet countries face a number of difficulties.
First, in some industries there is a shortage of available seats.
Secondly, there is a high level of competition, which is made up of local residents and people from other European countries.
Thirdly, work can be obtained only if among Icelanders there will be no specialists in this or that category of workers.
Before finally moving and registering the citizenship of Iceland, it is necessary to find an employer and conclude an employment contract with him.
Further, the head of the firm must transfer the information about the new employee to the special Office, which deals with immigrants. There, carefully study the agreement to issue an application to an alien. It will allow you to obtain a residence permit and find a job. But this statement is not 100% guarantee of employment. In each settlement there is a local department of labor, where they assess the need to invite an employee-foreigner.
The application can be considered 3 months, and sometimes more. You can speed up the process if you constantly maintain contact with the employer and employees of the consulate in a particular state.
Required documents.
Work in Iceland requires the applicant to provide properly filled papers, which should be collected carefully and slowly. In particular, applicants for vacancies should have:
The application form signed by the employer and the applicant. A labor contract signed by two parties. A valid international passport with clean pages (minimum three) and 3 months before the end of the document expiration date. One color photo. A certificate of non-conviction. The policy of compulsory medical insurance. Confirmation that the employee has a place of residence in the country. It can be relatives, hotel for company employees, hostel.
Example of a certificate of knowledge of English.
Sometimes it is required to provide other papers - the diploma of education and the received qualification, which must be translated into English or Icelandic; linguistic certificate of knowledge of English at a colloquial level.
Where to look for a job.
Find a job in this small northern country is easy, the main thing is "# 8212; know the language (preferably Icelandic) and be in demand in a particular field. To increase the chances, you need to use a comprehensive approach:
Quite a large number of Ukrainians and Russians find work through a social network, where employers are looking for professionals of different qualifications. A huge number of ads are regularly posted on the website of the state employment service, where you need to constantly go. This will protect applicants from fraud and deception. Another legal option is to contact recruitment agencies, where they will choose the right job. After that, employees can contribute to the official registration of papers and the solution of domestic problems. Most often, it concerns the search for housing, machinery, the formalization of formalities in the workplace, the compilation of CV by European standards. To study vacancies in local newspapers. You can both view the ads that are printed, and post your own. For this, the text should be translated into Icelandic and pay for publication. To send a summary and recommendations to various companies and the company. This option is suitable for those who know exactly what industry wants to work. You can find a job through the EURES service, which provides services through labor mediation. Seek help from friends or relatives who, through their connections, will be able to find very good options. Work in Iceland is also offered by the specialists of the European project EUROPASS, aimed at recognizing the qualification of people in Europe.
How much can you receive.
The level of the monthly income of Icelanders is one of the highest in Europe. In 2016, the average salary was more than 3 thousand euros. In some areas it can amount to 2.5 thousand, when all taxes and fees will be paid.
The minimum wage is set at 1800 euros per month.
Foreign citizens can receive a little less, but if they are granted a residence permit, then the salary will reach the amount established in the state.
Payment in Iceland is hourly, and you can work only 5 days a week. Overtime is not provided, because employers do not practice this kind of work.
Anastasia, everything is literate and concrete. But it is impossible to reach the employer, it is necessary to go to the place.
How to get to the employer?
I'm a cook, can I find a job?
I am a master and assembler of cabinet furniture, an installer of PVC windows. I am a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. I am 30 years old.
good evening ! I'm Russian to me for 50, I live in Prague, I want to work in your country, I can look after the child, I have experience with children from birth, I can also sit with an invalid, I have several types of massage. Thank you if you answer.
Good afternoon! I'm 25, I'm a citizen of Uzbekistan, I plan to work and study in Iceland. Can you help me? What can you offer?

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