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Jewish immigration to Germany.

Jewish immigration to Germany.
Jewish immigration to Germany 2015.
In the section of permanent residence, Real estate on a question I want a Jew to go to Germany for permanent residence. What documents are needed for this. Authored by the author Andrey Levinzon, the best answer is if you have a birth certificate, at least one of the parents is Jewish, apply to the German embassy. the issuance of consent to the reception as a Jewish immigrant in Germany.
To apply, you need the following documents / references, which must be submitted in the original, as well as certified copies in two copies with translation into German:
1. Documents / information required for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of Germany:
- completed questionnaires (statements) for all persons wishing to immigrate,
- two passport photos from each,
- Birth certificates, confirming the Jewish origin in the original, issued before 1990,
- birth certificate of spouse and children,
- certificate of birth of parents or brothers and sisters,
- marriage certificate / certificate of divorce,
- other evidence of Jewish origin,
- a certificate of death of parents, in case of their death,
- a certificate of death of the spouse, in case of their death,
- the decision on parental rights to raise children in case of divorce,
- confirmation of national-socialist persecution, if any,
- a language certificate or other comparable certificates of knowledge of the German language (minimum level A1 according to GER4) (for the certificate:,
- the last school report card or certificate of graduation,
- certificates of visits to universities, examination certificates, diplomas on the completion of higher education institutions,
- certificates of professional training, certificates of completion.
- certificates of other special, professional knowledge or knowledge of foreign languages,
- Confirmations regarding job offers in Germany, if any.
- evidence that is appropriate to obtain an exceptional case.
2. Documents / certificates for presentation to the Central Charitable Organization of the Jews of Germany:
- Birth certificates of persons born before 1990:
- primary originals issued immediately after birth or.
- repeated copies (in older persons, restored copies) issued before 1990
3. Documents / certificates for individual verification in the Central Charitable Organization of the Jews of Germany.
- If necessary, documents on adoption.
If the documents specified in paragraph 2 are not considered sufficient:
- old certificates at an extract from maternity hospitals with instructions of a nationality of parents,
- military ticket (military ticket),
- old certificates of the birth of parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers, children, grandchildren,
- Old evidence of the end of the Jewish school,
- old registration cards for registration of passports,
- old characteristics from enterprises,
- Help of the red cross,
- old archival references,
- old extracts from the books of birth records in synagogues,
- In rare cases, old marriage certificates have records of nationality,
- old, personally signed autobiographies,
- Old certificates of release from places of serving punishment.
The application form with a memo to fill it out can be found here: the Download section.
After collecting all the documents, you need to make an appointment at the Jewish Immigration Department at the Embassy
The original source And somewhere in a year and a half will be in Germany.
Jews are already leaving Germany for America.
here look here link.
First learn the language. And further on the list (the website of the Embassy of Germany).
to start you will be asked why you do not want to emigrate to Israel, but with an Israeli passport you can go to Germany without any formalities.
In the beginning, you should know that for a long time already without knowledge of the language is not accepted.
Go to the German embassy with a birth certificate, where.
written the nationality of your parents. They'll tell you everything.
where they study it. yaz. for departure to Germany tags: Institute Germany.

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