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Israel. Emigration as a quest, part 2. New rules.

Israel. Emigration as a quest, part 2. New rules.
In the second part, read what advice you can trust and with what mood you need to go.
The rules change - this must be remembered. Any information should be rechecked: three years ago the internal Israeli passport, teudat zeut, was given to new emigrants not at the airport immediately upon arrival, as now, but in two weeks - in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
And five years ago you had to get permission to leave, if you wanted even to briefly leave Israel in the first three months after aliyah. And twenty years ago, leaving in the first five years after emigration threatened with huge fines. Therefore, all the information on the web is so contradictory, and there will be five opinions on two Jews, and none of them is completely correct. From this point of view, you will be practically pioneers, it is senseless and harmful to ask the opinions of experienced emigrants on any of the issues: you will immediately be told about fines and permission to leave. You can be interested only in the experience of the same newcomers as you, who are only a step or two ahead of you: only they can have up-to-date information, but it's worth checking again.
Experienced emigres, aliyah of the nineties, will tell you that there is no work, that there are nowhere worse for "Russians". That especially there is no work without language, and it is unbearably difficult to learn the language, because in ulpans they teach disgustingly and the devil knows who. What about the profession can be forgotten and you will be nothing and nothing. That without experience in Israel you are not even trusted to turn the old women in hospice. And my favorite: "Do not take any unnecessary things and equipment, come to Israel and buy better, more modern and such as they are now!" While an ordinary shopping trip will show you that in Israel, in comparison with Moscow, everything is much more expensive , and the choice of this all - an order of magnitude less. So, if you have a good technique, clothes, expensive children's toys, favorite bicycles and other valuable and convenient, then it's worth it. However, as I said, the rules change, and any information should be rechecked. This - too.
It is difficult to tell how much empathy and terrible stories experienced by emigrants poured out upon hearing about my profession as a journalist. There is no category in Israel more miserable, despised, poor, hungry and at the same time numerous than a Russian-speaking journalist! And it is true.
But it's worth taking a little step aside, as it turns out that there are a lot of work, I now refuse eighty percent of what I offer, I choose the most promising and interesting. Most of my fellow journalists found their first job before they even learned Hebrew.
Several options for earning journalists from my inner circle: writing popular science books and textbooks - there is a demand for such Russian-language books both in Israel and in Russia, preparing texts - press releases, advertising, newsletters - for Russian-speaking clients and users in large international companies.
Translate programs and sites into Russian and English for small IT startups. And this is not counting those who continue to write for the Russian press, and those who started earning on their hobbies, which before the move was not considered as a source of earnings. For example, my ex-colleague is now working as an illustrator of children's books and games, and another friend has opened a successful dance school. Works, including for journalists, are many, different! And this is also true.
Actually, only your attitude and environment will make this or that truth your personal truth. I know a lot of stories when people left all thoughts about emigration only because someone authoritatively said to them that for this it is necessary to be a halachic Jew.
I know a girl, an experienced lawyer, which friends were so intimidated with stories about the complexity and high cost of diploma confirmation in Israel, that she did not even try and now works as a cashier in a supermarket. And I know an economist who confirmed all his diplomas before the end of the ulpan.
My friend, who married an Israeli, never before having visited the country, a month after the move, organized a company engaged in consulting and training on the stock exchange, and a year later earned as much as her husband, a programmer who grew up in Israel. However, this rule - to ask those who could, and not those who do not - is relevant for any sphere of life.
In any case, everyone earns his own experience. My will not be like any of the previous ones. Yours - too. But, according to my observations, an optimistic and naive look into the future will bring a little more dividends.
You know, it's like looking for keys in a big bag: if you know for sure that they are there, you will find them even if they have failed a long time ago for lining. And if you are practically sure that you have lost them somewhere else, you will not find them, even if they are lying on the very top. Optimism helps to continue acting, and activity is the same as the general basis of success anywhere. And a language and a good place to live. However, this is already a topic for a separate issue.
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