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Island of Mallorca, part 1. Palma de Mallorca.

Island of Mallorca, part 1. Palma de Mallorca.
We go on vacation and this time our choice fell on the Mallorca, beloved by all Germans. Of course, it's worth visiting and spending a day in the chanson of Palma de Mallorca. The island itself was large and with a very large airport, which surprised us. We stopped at Magaluf, 20 km from Palma. To Palma we reached the city bus for 3.10 � one way. Buses new with kanderov.
Useful information: The public transport website in Mallorca, you can specify the point of departure and the point of arrival and get the schedule, there you can see the prices for travel by bus.
The central station in Palma, where all the buses come and which is located in the center of the city, is called Estacio Intermodal.
The names of the stops closest to you can be viewed simply on Google Maps.
About the city we did not know anything:
The city was very large:
Familiar, after Portugal, small streets:
Showcases make out very nicely:
View of the embankment:
And we go to the Cathedral:
In the right wing is a classy demonic corner:
The most interesting place in the Cathedral:
In general, it is fundamental:
At the Cathedral we did not notice thimblers, as in Paris or Berlin, however, you can buy bags of famous brands:
So it's much easier to move around the city than on a car:
There is also an unusual architecture:
The residential area began:
Deviate from the tourist route:
See what in the residential areas around the old city:
Far to climb we will not:
Here such high-rise buildings:
In general, the city made a very favorable impression:
By the way, we got into the very sultra in a very heavy rain with hail, so strong that our windshield cracked on the road:
Flooded playground. In general, it is worth noting that the drainage of water is limited competently. Flooded places are not so many. The rain was infernal:
In the evening it started to rain again and we caught a taxi. Up to Magaluf we managed at 21 �.
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