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Island of Jersey.

Island of Jersey.
If you talk about how good the island of Jersey, it is best to start not with what it is, but from what is not here. There is no unemployment, no VAT, mass rallies, drunkards on the streets, political parties, car thieves. "Where do they steal them?" - Asked a rhetorical question guide named Hugo. And specifies: "It happens, however, that the cars from the island are lost, but it's not the thieves who are to blame, but the sea and the unlucky tourists who park cars near the water, not knowing that during the tides its level rises here to fourteen meters in comparison with a level of ebb. So the missing cars are not stealing, but the sea.
"A piece of France that broke away from it, fell into the water and picked up by the British," said the great French writer Victor Hugo, once said about the island of Jersey, who lived here for three years as an exile. The tourist brochures telling about this usually keep silent about the fact that local authorities, dissatisfied with too radical, in their opinion, speeches by Victor Hugo in defense of press freedom, eventually expelled him to the neighboring island of Guernsey. There he was more loyal to Hugo, and he lived in Guernsey for fifteen years.
Jersey, like Guernsey, is the largest of the Channel Islands, located in the English Channel. Eight hundred years ago, the English King John the Landless of the Plantagenet dynasty lost a significant part of the British possessions in France, after which he was forced to sign the Magna Carta. To the inhabitants of the island of Jersey, who could choose between England and France, the king gave more liberties than all his other subjects: he promised them autonomy and exemption from tax.
These privileges Jersey enjoys so far - and, the last thirty years with greater benefits than ever before in history. A tiny island with a total area of 116 square kilometers and a population of 87,000 people is one of the largest banking centers in Europe. Liberal legislation, low taxes and guaranteed confidentiality have made Jersey a very popular offshore zone. Banks and a variety of financial offices, signs which can be found in the main city of Jersey St. Helier literally at every turn, listed last year in the treasury of the island about a quarter of a billion pounds. It is easy to calculate that the total turnover of all these banks and offices amounted to more than five hundred billion dollars. Not all this money is "clean." And in recent years, the financial paradise has been threatened. On the one hand, Jersey - as well as other 34th offshore zones, through which cash flows are often inaccessible to control - have been threatened by authoritative international organizations. On the other hand, competitors are conquering from more remote regions. And in the summer of this year the parliament of Jersey (and the island - its own parliament, its own judicial authorities and even its own currency) decided to halve, to ten percent, the tax on large financial institutions. But to somehow compensate for what does not get in this case the budget, the deputies introduced a turnover tax (for the first time in eight hundred years!). Very low - only five percent. But this was enough to protest on the streets of St. Helier (also for the first time in eight hundred years!). About a thousand protesters accused the people's deputies of ignoring the interests of the working people.
All this is all the more surprising because the people of Jersey have always been famous for their peacefulness and complaisant character. True, the French in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries tried unsuccessfully to land landing on the island, but the Germans captured it in 1940 without a fight. The Jersey Island was the only British territory that the Nazis managed to occupy during the Second World War. By the way, his Englishmen also repulsed without a fight, in spite of the fact that the Wehrmacht sappers built on the coast of the island dozens of impregnable concrete bunkers with thick walls. Today in one of these bins there is a fish store, in the other - a beer zucchini, and the third in general rent out apartments for vacationers in Jersey to exotic lovers.
What else is this island famous for? Of course, the jersey, which gave his name. The French, by the way, here took revenge on the British, who once took from them this piece of land (more precisely, the stone), and changed the name of the fabric in their own way, putting an emphasis at the end of the word - "jersey", not "jersey". So it came into use.
In addition, the island is famous for its new immigrants - super-rich. A little away from the main roads now and then you see surrounded by high stone walls of the estate (another word and you will not pick up). In one of them lives the famous racing driver of Formula One, former world champion Nigel Mansell, in the other - a veteran of pop music Gilbert O Sullivan.Fifteen million pounds sterling of free (and, of course, honest) capital is an indispensable condition for those wishing to immigrate forever on the island of Jersey.This harsh condition is somewhat mitigated by the fact that the super-rich negotiate with the authorities on preferential rates for income tax, for some it is five percent, for others it is said to be even 2. The average resident of the island pays about twenty percent, but it's just that none of the indigenous Jerseyers complains: rich immigrants give jobs and thanks to them, the prices for land and rent for housing have risen sharply. Many people in Jersey have grown rich by selling their pastures and They rented apartments to seasonal workers who came here, mainly Frenchmen (they worked in the fields), Portuguese and Italians (these specialized in tourist and hotel services). Now the bulk of "migrant workers" are on the island of Jersey Poles. Nobody, except the Portuguese, has not stayed here yet. And the Portuguese (at least some of them) settled on the island and now make up about ten percent of the population. Discontent with these "outsiders" the residents of Jersey expressed in recent years, only one time: when at the recent European football championship the British lost to the Portuguese national team.
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