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Is there a border between Russia and Belarus?

Is there a border between Russia and Belarus?
The distinction between Russia and Belarus runs along the former border between the RSFSR and the BSSR within the framework of the former Soviet Union, which existed as a line of administrative separation. Until 2017, there were practically no border control points. We can say that for citizens of the two countries the border between Russia and Belarus was only on the map.
How to get from Russia to Belarus.
So is there a border between Russia and Belarus? When traveling from Russia to Belarus and back, citizens are concerned with the question of how this will look in practice, because the border crossing in most cases is connected with registration, inspection, various checks, customs control. The crossing of the border between Russia and Belarus takes place imperceptibly. For citizens of the two countries it is enough to have a passport of the country of residence, documents for the car.
This is due to the fact that in 1995 an agreement on friendship, cooperation and good-neighborliness was signed between the fraternal countries. The border, which has a length of 1239 kilometers, of which 857 km passes overland, 387 km - n. on the water (rivers, lakes), was opened.
Is the border between Russia and Byelorussia closed?
As such, the border guard service on the border with Belarus did not exist, the trip was free, but from 07.02.2017 a border zone was being created from Russia. This is due to the events in Ukraine, as well as Russia's introduction of sanctions against a number of countries, in particular Poland, bordering on Belarus. The need to create was caused by the fact that it was through the border of this country that goods from countries against which sanctions were imposed went to Russia.
Immediately there was talk that the border between Russia and Belarus was closed. It should be emphasized that the border is closed to residents of other countries. This did not affect citizens of neighboring countries crossing the border.
The reasons for the appearance of the border zone.
The decision to introduce a border zone in the areas where the border between Russia and Belarus passes is not accepted by Moscow against Russians and Byelorussians - it concerns foreigners. The Republic of Belarus introduced a five-day visa-free regime for eighty states, which is connected with the development of tourism in the country. This is a definite threat for the Russian Federation. The introduction of a visa-free regime allowed citizens of other countries, using the openness of the border, to penetrate into Russia without permission and registration.
The logic of this decision can be justified by the fact that Belarus did not agree with the Russian government on this decision in advance. According to the government of our country, it was necessary for the three states - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in advance to agree on a list of visa-free countries. This was not done. In this case, there is a threat of the possibility of penetration into Russia of extremists, in particular, from Ukraine, smuggling, drugs, transit migrants from Asia through Europe.
Who will touch the creation of the border zone.
Changes primarily concern people who have problems with the law on the territory of Russia, who are not allowed to travel abroad and foreigners seeking to enter the Russian Federation through the Republic of Belarus bypassing airports, taking advantage of the openness of the border, in other words to illegal migrants. The main reasons for organizing the border zone are countering smuggling, drug trafficking and illegal transit migration.
As explained, the border between Russia and Belarus for crossing citizens and cargo will remain, as before, open. The creation of the border zone does not mean the inspection of people, cars and this can not mean that the points of inspection across the border will be opened. Documents on the organization of border zones do not imply their discovery and do not set the target & ndash; Limit freedom when crossing the border line by residents of neighboring countries.
Where are the border points.
On the territories of what areas is the border zone, where is the border between Russia and Belarus? It passes along the line of contact with Belarus of three regions & ndash; Smolensk, Bryansk and Pskov. The border points will be located on the territories bordering Belarus with Belarus. At present, work is under way to organize them.
Crossing the border on the car.
If you want to travel from any Russian city to Minsk, then on your way there will be a border between Russia and Belarus. The car will have to cross the border point, which is located on the territory of our country. From Belarus there are no border points.
The width of the border zone is 5 kilometers. Here, border guards work legitimately. Citizens of the two countries can go smoothly, crossing the border between Russia and Belarus will not cause trouble. The rules remain the same. You can drive along the motorway M1 & laquo; Minsk & ndash; Moscow & raquo; or A-240 & Bryansk & ndash; Gomel & raquo; without any permits. When the car will move around the border zone, it has the right to stop for document verification and selective control.
Determine that the movement passes through the border zone can be done by special identification signs. If the passengers are all right and nothing suspicious is found, then further travel will be unimpeded. For residents living in areas adjacent to the border areas, movement will be free with a passport.
Required documents.
Crossing the line where the border between Russia and Byelorussia passes by car, it is necessary to remember that in order to prevent misunderstandings, all necessary documents should be in order. The package of documents includes:
Passport. Documents for the car and driver's license. Insurance document (actual for owners of the & laquo; Green card & raquo;).
Passage from Belarus to Russia passes unchecked. Those traveling by car should remember that you may be asked how much alcohol you carry. The norm of transportation of alcoholic products of any fortress is established & ndash; 3 liters per person. The declaration is not filled, but it should be remembered that there are norms of transportation for certain goods. You can conduct yourself with:
Personal things within 50-80 kg. Meals 5 kg per person. Cigarette no more than 1 block. Precious jewelry 5 items. Hours of wristwatch 1 pc. Leather and fur things no more than 3 items. The cost of a transportable video camera should not exceed 1 thousand euros.
Currency & ndash; dollars and euros can be transported without restrictions, but there is a norm for transporting Belarusian rubles. With you, you can have no more than 500 times the minimum wage in this country.
Some rules for passing the inspection.
The question of whether there is a border between Russia and Belarus is not entirely correct. Of course there is. In order to avoid misunderstanding, it is necessary to remember that according to the existing legislation of Belarus, you need to purchase a medical policy if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, since only the first aid is provided to Russians. It is issued for 14 days, the cost varies up to 500 rubles and depends on the company that provided it. You can buy at the border.
The Republic of Belarus is located in the zone of operation of international insurance policies for a vehicle. If there is no "Green card", then it is possible to purchase the Belarusian insurance, which, depending on the type of car is issued for 5 or 15 days, the cost can be up to 53 euros. Pass customs for cars it is not necessary, freight transport is required. Inspection is carried out only in a selective manner, so do not be surprised if the car is stopped and inspection is conducted.
Crossing the border in the railway transport.
Cross the border between Russia and Belarus is much easier than on a car. To do this, you need only a passport and a ticket. Usually there are no checks. Border guards do not inspect documents or inspect baggage.
Small indulgences are made for crossing the border to passengers with children. First of all, for a child under 14 years of age you need to have a birth certificate, over 14 years & ndash; passport. When crossing the border of a child with one parent, a certified consent from the second is not necessary. Consent from parents, certified by a notary, is necessary only in case of his travel across the border without parents.

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