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Is it necessary to make out a passport for travel to Russia.

Is it necessary to make out a passport for travel to Russia.
Since March 1, 2015, Russian citizens need to present their passport to border control in order to find themselves in neighboring Ukraine. This decision was made by the Ukrainian side in connection with the current situation in the relations between the two countries. The question remains topical, but do I need a passport for a trip to Russia?
What documents are needed to cross the border.
Ukrainians compliance with this formality has not yet been prescribed as mandatory, and therefore to be in Russia they can by an internal document.
It is no secret that since January 1 of this year, Russia intended to apply a new law on Ukrainians, which would regulate entry only if a foreign passport is available. This project concerned not only Ukrainians, but also residents of all other CIS countries that did not enter the Customs Union.
At the moment, this bill is not signed and is in development. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian side is already preparing for the introduction of a new order of crossing the borders. Of course, today you can be on the territory of the Russian Federation by presenting an identity card with which you travel abroad. But keep in mind that the pass service will be forced to put you in this document entry and exit stamps, and this minus a couple of pages. While it is enough to show your internal passport and observe some formalities.
The procedure for crossing the border begins with the verification of documents and the completion of the migration card by everyone entering the territory of the Russian Federation.
In the migration card, you must specify the purpose of the visit, the coordinates of your residence at the place of arrival and the date of departure. Keep this form until the end of your trip.
In addition, to find out if you have a ban on leaving, will help a proven and high-quality service of our partners, which will provide you with information on the existence of debts for loans, fines, maintenance, utilities and others, as well as assess the likelihood of banning flights abroad.
Be sure to ensure that at the time of departure on it put a stamp with the date when you leave the country. Otherwise your visit will be considered incomplete, and you will be considered as a citizen still staying on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Having ascertained the question, is it necessary to have a passport from Ukraine to Russia, special attention should be paid to the internal document that you present to the customs service. The passport must meet the following criteria:
The identity card should not contain any visible damage; The available photos must meet the age requirements; it will be better if the name will be printed, and not written by hand.
If your document does not correspond to at least one requirement, take with you the second document with which you travel abroad, or one of the below listed IDs:
Diplomatic document. Service ID. Confirmation that you are a member of the crew of an air or sea vessel.
Please note that some trains and buses from Kiev to Moscow on their way cross the borders of Belarus. Here your passport will be very helpful.
The procedure for crossing the border with children.
Traveling with a child will not cause any special difficulties, but you need not forget that a young traveler will also need a document. In this case, a birth certificate will appear in his role. Particular attention should be paid to the situation when the child crosses the border with one of the parents. In order to avoid problems at customs, the second parent must prepare in advance written permission for the child to travel to another country. This document should contain information about the date of departure from Russia and entry back.
If your route is routed through Belarus, then the data about the child must be recorded in the identity card of one of the parents. And do not forget to paste the photo there. If it so happens that children travel without parents to a third person, then permission for departure from the homeland will already be needed from both parents.
Temporary registration.
So, you do not need a passport to Russia yet. But do not forget that you can stay in a neighboring state without additional formalities for more than 90 days. If, however, your visit takes longer, you need to apply to the Migration Service at the place of your stay and formalize your stay in the country officially.
Having left the territory of the Russian Federation to your homeland, you can make the next trip here not earlier than in 180 days. It is important to note that all those who did not manage to leave Russia within the stipulated three months can receive a ban on entry into this country for three years.
And the last thing: temporary registration does not allow to conduct labor activity in the territory of Russia. To do this, it is necessary to go through a completely different procedure and obtain a work permit. Under the new legislation, when filling out the migration card for such departure, you should indicate "work" in the "purpose of visit" column.
Where to go without a passport: Video.
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A foreign passport for the entry of Ukrainian citizens into the Russian Federation is not required.
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