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Incomes of truckers in the USA.

Incomes of truckers in the USA.
What is she & # 8212; salary of a trucker in the US?
An interesting story of a successful emigrant about his work and earnings as a trucker in America:
As promised earlier, I want to share specific data from the life of an American trucker & # 8212; or a tractor driver.
For obvious reasons, I do not want and I will not describe the affairs of my whole company & # 8212; just give some information over the past year on the example of a truck.
So, my work as a trucker in the US & # 8212; this is my tract & # 8212; Kenworth T660 2009 release (at the beginning of 2013 the cost was about $ 85K), luxury version (studiosleeper, microwave, refrigerator, hatch, cruise control, e-pack, coffee maker, leather salon, internet, printer and other lovely and pleasant heart nishtyaki, facilitating the hard Trakist zhituha).
Kenworth T660 and a trucker's salary in the US.
The engine Cummins ISX 525 horses, with the help of some priblud overclocked (if necessary) to about 600.
Eaton transmission 13 gears, 2 fuel tanks 300 gallons total, bridges 3.53 ratio & # 8212; well this is for those who are interested.
Trailer East flatbed 2007 (cost for January 2013 about 35 pieces of green), equipped with sliding tarping system (Curtain Van) & # 8212; this is such a roller-folding forward or backward covering system. The trailer was paid back in the fall of 2012.
Categories of transported goods: construction materials, industrial equipment, military cargo, metal products, etc. - in general, everything you need to load a crane or large and small forklifts from the sides or behind the trailer.
The permitted weight (without buying additional permits for oversize or overweight) is up to 80,000 pounds or 36,287 kg.
The first flight of 2013 began on January 6, the speedometer was 545,677 miles. There were still 8 payments for $ 2396 / month & # 8212; and in August the trail was already paid, completely passing into my property.
Returning from the last flight on December 20, 2013, I found out that on the speedometer of the dialer something had changed & # 8212; now he was showing 646208 miles of mileage.
By the most complicated mathematical calculations of elementary mathematical operations, it turned out that in 2013 this tract rolled on the roads of the USA and Canada 100,531 miles, which is an average of 8377.583 miles per month.
Since I run my business absolutely honestly and transparently, I can easily call gross income made on this track & # 8212; it was $ 220,745.39.
It is easy to calculate that the cost of every mile (empty or loaded) that the trail traveled was $ 2.19579 or (if rounded) $ 2.20 per mile. And this figure is even an object of some kind of pride, since the overwhelming majority of competitors it does not hold up to two dollars per mile!
After digging into the papers and punching the debit with the loan, I found out the amount spent on diesel fuel & # 8212; $ 63,566.11. At the same time, according to the results of the year, the expenditure went out, according to one cunning program in my smartphone, 6.4 miles per gallon - or 36.75 l / 100 km.
For insurance for this tract in general (in the US it consists of three types - Caro, Physical Damage and Limited Liability), I paid 780 bucks a month.
Serious failures and, accordingly, repairs I did not have. Monthly maintenance (replacement of oil, filters, etc.) is about $ 300 per month - more accurate figures are not yet, as not all checks are still counted. The total cost of planned repairs and maintenance was, I think, no more than 10-15 thousand.
Dispatching costs (if I paid them myself) in my company account for 13% (including quick pay) of the gross plus an additional 10% from the additional freight - partials (this is when the trailer remains in place and takes a second / third small extras weights).
Total: after the main deductions related directly to the operation of the truck, my income this year turned out (220,745.39 - 62,864.79 - 9,360 - 3,600 - 15,000) = $ 129,920.60 / year or 10,826.72 / month.
Of course, there are other costs associated with business - office, employee compensation, payments for tracts, business maintenance by third parties and so on. - but they are deducted from the company's total revenue. In the same post I gave an example of the work of only one track.
It should be said that the schedule of my work was in a relaxed mode - there was enough time and in Mexico to rest, and to visit Russia, to cruise, and Ukraine to visit, and to rest on the spot repeatedly - with fishing there, boat and such amenities ... For comparison: in 2012, the income "dirty" on the same track was about 340K dollars - although it was necessary to work a little more.
That's how it was, in 2013, in terms of income for an ordinary American trucker. Given the fact that the track of my company is still not one, and the source of income is not the only one, then ... in short, for all the glory of God & # 8212; You can live.
Moreover, these, albeit not very large by the standards of the oligarchs, money is earned absolutely honestly and I can calmly look people in the eyes and sleep at night, not tormented by nightmares or remorse.
Now it remains to fill in the tax return and finally settle with Uncle Sam (I previously paid taxes for about $ 9000). So we will count who is left to whom - I am the state or vice versa. And maybe by zeros go out.
All the numbers given here are absolutely honest and accurate.
I, of course, could lie in the direction of increasing (such as look at how steep I am) or decrease (say, pity me, poor fellow) of my earnings - but why?
The truth is that it will not change anyway & # 8230;
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