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In which months you can cheaply go to Greece?

In which months you can cheaply go to Greece?
When and where you can go to Greece, to make it cheaper, but still there was a swimming season.
In August 2012, we rested in Greece on the island of Rhodes. We went for 2 weeks in a 3 star hotel, breakfast / dinner, located next to Faliraki (a small town, to the old town by bus 20 minutes drive, the fare per person 2 euros), the tour cost us two 62 thousand rubles. The sea is magnificent - clean and warm, sunbeds on the beach are paid for 3 euros, the food is delicious, dinner, at least for us - would be superfluous - because of the heat there was no desire at all during the day. In general, Rhodes is called a sunny island - sunny days there 320 per year, so I think that in May and at the end of September the weather there is good.
We went to Greece on the island of Kos in September, we were offered Rhodes. The trip for two cost 55 thousand - 11 days (flight, accommodation, meals - all-inclusive, a 4-star hotel). We were there from the middle to the end of September. The water is pretty warm, cooler than in the summer, of course, it's hot in the day, but it was getting cool in the evenings. To go in October would not recommend, when we left, the weather is clearly spoiled, it became cool.
If you plan to rest on the sea, then the price will be cheaper at the beginning of the season (May, early June) and at the end of the season (the second half of August - September).
If you want to save money, you can target the & quot; hot tours to Greece & quot ;, but & quot; hot & quot; prices appear closer to the date of the tour, for a few days, and you must have an open Schengen visa.
If you want to go to this fabulous country - Greece is budgetary - the best way to do this is to book the vouchers long before the holiday, for example in February and you can save up to 30%. The choice of hotels at this time is huge, and you can choose a convenient departure time. Also, if you do not want to wait so long or are connected in finance, you can buy a tour on a "burning ticket". It certainly is as lucky.
The swimming season in Greece lasts from May to October. However, some tourists "open" the beach season and at the end of April. It is at this time that prices for tours to Greece are the lowest. But it is also important to understand that it will not be very comfortable to swim. On May holidays, prices rise slightly, this is due to the large tourist flow to the Mediterranean resorts. In late May, there is a possibility of buying a profitable burning tour. The most expensive packages are in July-August. Here at this time, most tourists, and even the relatively high cost of tours on this does not affect. Prices are falling closer to the middle of September, and for vacation in October, prices will be about the same as in May. But in what month to rest it is more convenient - to solve to you. In October the sea is very warm, but there is a possibility of short rains. And in May the weather is sunny, but the sea is not yet warm enough for bathing. And if you choose among specific resorts, then probably the most democratic in terms of the cost of the tour will be the island of Crete and Rhodes. But here everything, again, depends on the season and other weather-climatic factors.
It is best to go to the island of Rhodes, one of the warmest Greek islands. In order to save money, you need to go to Rhodes in May, September or October. These months are warm, but fewer people than during the holiday season.
Cheap last-minute tours to Greece are possible only before the advent of the swimming season. For example, in February-March the cost of such a tour can be in the range of 15-20 thousand per week in Crete or Rhodes. However, starting from April, the cost is systematically increasing. Monitoring prices for the summer months shows that finding a ticket for a week of vacation in the resorts of Greece is cheaper than 28 thousand in a two-star hotel, even for the "early booking" is almost impossible. In addition, it is not necessary to wait for the price cut on the eve of the trip. It is enough to see the availability of air tickets for flights in this direction. Already tickets for August at Aeroflot & quot; and & quot; Aegian airlines & quot; - the national air carrier of Greece in one direction are from 150 to 200 euros and then, as the official website shows, end. Charter flights scheduled for July and August from Moscow and St. Petersburg, too, are filled very quickly. So the lack of going on vacation in Greece this year, apparently, will not be. And accordingly, unlikely and the sale of burning tours.
You can go either in late spring or early autumn. If the burning tours then cost you a vacation somewhere in 38 thousand rubles, you can go to a 2 or 3 star hotel. This holiday will cost you 25-30 thousand.

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