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In what ways can you emigrate to Bulgaria?

In what ways can you emigrate to Bulgaria?
Recently, emigration to Bulgaria is gaining increasing popularity. This is due to a variety of factors, including low prices, a favorable climate, and a good standard of living. With this in mind, consider in this article how you can immigrate to Bulgaria.
Getting a visa to Bulgaria through a purchase of real estate.
The acquisition of real estate in Bulgaria entitles you to an annual visa to this country. For this period it is forbidden to stay within the territory of the country for more than 180 days, or rather, # 8211; 90 days in one half year. After the expiration of the validity of the annual visa, the foreigner-owner of real estate can acquire a three-year visa to Bulgaria, but the conditions remain the same: within 6 months in the country you can stay only up to 90 days.
An important point here is that both annual and long-term visas are issued only to property owners under Act No. 15 and Act No. 16, that is, the owners of the living space in the finished building and the building authorized for operation, respectively. Owners of the same property under Act No. 14, that is, in a building that has not yet been erected, the issuance of visas is not assumed by the above conditions.
Getting a long-term visa by the owner of real estate is possible only after presenting a document confirming the fact of paying them property tax for the current year.
The lack of such a document will make getting a visa for a long period very problematic.
Russian in Bulgaria: Video.
Immigration to Bulgaria for VMZh.
Emigration to Bulgaria from Russia with the receipt of the status of temporary residence (BMZ) provides an opportunity to enter the country during the entire period of its operation in a visa-free regime. In addition, it is also possible in this case to apply for a Schengen visa under a simplified scheme.
In addition, to find out if you have a ban on leaving, will help a proven and high-quality service of our partners, which will provide you with information on the existence of debts for loans, fines, maintenance, utilities and others, as well as assess the likelihood of banning flights abroad.
A VM can be issued on the following grounds:
if you have a work permit in Bulgaria; business immigration to Bulgaria: commercial or any other entrepreneurial activity in accordance with the procedure established by the legislator, resulting in the creation of more than ten jobs; admission to study in a licensed educational institution; contracts of the international class in which the People's Republic of Bulgaria (UXO) is one of the parties presupposing the performance of activities in the territory of the latter by foreign specialists; marriage with a Bulgarian citizen or a person with a permanent residence in that country; establishment of a branch of a foreign company with its registration in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; accreditation of correspondents of foreign mass media in NRB; admission to treatment in a specialized medical institution.
Residence permit in Bulgaria / obtaining residence permits in Bulgaria: Video.
Emigration to Bulgaria from Russia for permanent residence.
At the end of a five-year period of continuous residence in Bulgaria, by type of residence (VMZh) it is possible to obtain the status of permanent residence (permanent residence).
Become a holder of the status of permanent residence can also be any foreign citizen on the basis of the conditions that will be listed below. Let us note that the status of a permanent resident is practically equal to a citizen of Bulgaria.
Reasons for granting permission for permanent residence.
The grounds for issuing a permanent residence permit can be:
Bulgarian origin. marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Belarus; the status of a minor, unmarried, a child of Belarusian citizens or foreigners staying in the country for permanent residence until he or she reaches adulthood; the status of the parents of Bulgarian citizens (provided that these citizens hold parents in the manner prescribed by law); continuous residence in the Republic of Belarus for the last 5 years. The exception is the period of study in the Bulgarian educational institution, when only half of this period is taken into account; investments exceeding BGN 1 000 000 or the desire to increase own capital through: shares of companies circulating in the Bulgarian market; bonds and similar instruments; the right to own a separate part of the Bulgarian firm, from 50 to 100% of the capital of which belongs to the local municipality or state; the right to intellectual property in Bulgaria, objects of copyright, inventions, patents, industrial designs or trademarks; the right to concession agreements in Bulgaria; investing money in a licensed credit institution in Bulgaria for a period exceeding six months; investing an amount exceeding BGN 6 000 000 to a Bulgarian trading company whose shares are not popular on the market; birth in the Republic of Belarus (if the person for some reason lost Bulgarian citizenship, and now the desire to permanently reside in Bulgaria is declared); close relationship with the Bulgarian citizen.

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