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In Thailand for permanent residence.

In Thailand for permanent residence.
The Kingdom of Thailand is considered by many to be a paradise on earth. Summer all year round, inexpensive and comfortable accommodation, entertainment, exotic attract our compatriots to this country. One of the most popular resorts in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia is Pattaya. It is worth saying that there are many who wish to arrange their life in Thailand on an ongoing basis. The climate here is mild, 300 days of sunshine a year.
In the ranking on ease of doing business, Thailand took 17th place, and in terms of economic freedom, the kingdom is on the 10th place among the states of the Asia-Pacific region. Here are excellent conditions for doing business and a loyal tax system: VAT, for example, only 7%. Those who want to register their company in Thailand will need only 30-40 thousand baht and 7-10 days. Charter capital, which does not have to be paid, should be only 2 million baht. This makes it possible to obtain a business visa and a work permit for one year. Later, if the enterprise is not unprofitable, the permit can be extended.
Real estate in Pattaya gives certain advantages. And the cost of apartments, houses and villas is very affordable, if compared with other resort towns in Thailand. Prestigious property in Thailand for quality and comfort level, it is not inferior to many foreign models. Noisy nightlife in Thailand is popular with tourists.
The apartments in Pattaya, which are located on the first line of the sea or in walking distance from it, are in demand. Recently, condominiums of the type & laquo; resorce & raquo; - a complex of several buildings with a large territory, but not near the beach. Pattaya has a unique geographical feature & ndash; the city is located along the sea for almost 20 km, so there is still room for the construction of new residential complexes. For investors who prefer to wait a little, but then get a good profit, there are always special offers in projects under construction. It is most profitable to invest your money at the initial stage of construction. Many of those who work in this area know that after the building is handed over, the price for square meters is significantly increased. If you do not want to buy a cat in a bag & raquo ;, then you can take a finished apartment in a new building or a secondary dwelling.
Many of our compatriots take their bags and go to live in Thailand. Of course, the life of Russians in Thailand can be different. Someone is going there for vacation, others are looking for new opportunities. First of all, we need to consider all the "for" and "raquo; and "against", it depends on the requests in life. Someone is enough to rent low-cost housing and food three times a day, while others seek to find a good home, a car, stylish clothes and stuff.
In Thailand, a lot of protected villages, where villas with the necessary infrastructure are sold & ndash; just for those who want to receive benefits at the highest level. Such settlements are in demand among foreigners. Here you can retire from the hustle and bustle of megacities and at the same time everything you need for a comfortable life will be near you. There is an opportunity to purchase inexpensive apartments in a resort type condominium with a large territory and a luxurious infrastructure. And although such complexes are located in 600-1000 meters from the sea, you will get free transportation to the beach.
Unlike most regions of our state, the standard of living in Thailand, in particular in Pattaya, is higher, and the cost of living is lower. The main advantage of real estate in Pattaya is low low maintenance of housing and lack of taxes on owning real estate.
When buying any type of housing in Thailand, there are common questions: how to bring money to the country and how to pay for real estate? In fact, there are several methods of payment: cash, bank cards, traveler's checks, international transfers.
Those who are going to live in Thailand for a long time, it is more profitable to rent accommodation not on the first line of the sea, but in eastern Pattaya and the suburbs. Do not rush, it is better to choose a place away from the untwisted tourist hotels, which will cost one and a half or two times cheaper. In order to buy in the sea, you can reach the beach on any transport or walk. The cost of housing in Thailand can vary in different places. The cost of a monthly lease can differ from an annual one by approximately 30-45% per month. Here you can bargain, especially if you know that around there are many unoccupied apartments. In fact, in Thailand, it is impossible to remain without a roof over your head. Foreigners who live in Thailand for a long time do not throw money away. If you compare with Russia, the cost of living in Thailand is lower, but better. Food is much better, and fruits and vegetables are sold all year round and inexpensive. As for clothes, there is no need for constant seasonal renewal. No need hats, jackets, coats. Travel by public transport is cheaper than in the Russian Federation, and many move around on the city of two-wheeled motorbikes or bicycles. As for the Internet, in most condominiums and guesthouses it is free: it is usually Wi-Fi. The availability of access to the network is recommended for clarification upon check-in.
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Real estate in Thailand: buy an apartment, a house in Pattaya.

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