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In Spain, the cadastral value of real estate in almost 2,000 cities has been revised.

In Spain, the cadastral value of real estate in almost 2,000 cities has been revised.
From Vladimir Ivanov.
News of Spain, � December 29, 2017, the Ministry of Finance of Spain announced the introduction of modified coefficients for cadastral value in 2018.
It is known that the changes will affect 1830 municipalities of the country, but so far the new coefficients on which the amount of property tax (IBI) will depend, have not been published.
The Ministry of Finance informs that these changes in the cadastral value are introduced on the basis of appeals from local authorities and will have an impact on the IBI tax, calculated from January 1.
However, the changes do not necessarily entail an increase in the tax, since its size is ultimately established by the local authorities.
Limits for tax purposes for private entrepreneurs working on the system of modules will remain the same - up to 250 thousand euros from turnover and 125 thousand euros from sales.
Owners of real estate who want to know the updated coefficients for cadastral value, should contact the local municipality.
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