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In Australia, good builders receive more than office workers – Kazakh from Kaskelen.

In Australia, good builders receive more than office workers - Kazakh from Kaskelen.
At one time a native of Kazakhstan, Ilyas left for education in Australia, but stayed there to work. In an interview for 365 info, the Kazakh explained why higher education in Australia is not considered compulsory and how much the inhabitants of the fifth continent earn.
- Tell us about yourself: where were born, in what city did you live and what did you do before moving?
& # 8212; I was born in Kaskelen. Before moving I worked in one of the Kazakhstani banks.
- When did you move to Australia? How did you decide to leave? Why?
& # 8212; I moved in 2014, received a master's degree in accounting. Now I work in Sydney on a working visa, I work in the construction industry. I earn and I rest. Why did he leave? I wanted to see the world before I got married and get bogged down in the routine.
- Was it difficult to change the usual way of life? How did you adapt to the new country?
& # 8212; The first time was difficult in terms of the language barrier, mentality, culture, had to work on the black work to cover the training and rent of housing.
- What difficulties did you face, and what was easy?
& # 8212; It was easy to spend money, and it was difficult to find work.
At that time, I did not have a sufficient level of English and was not a professional in a particular field.
& # 8212; I did not encounter any particular racism here, strict laws are in force here. Local people perceive me as a Chinese, Nepalese or other Asian. If you treat people well, you will also be perceived. In Australia, I have not even seen signs of tribalism.
- What are the biggest differences between Kazakhstan and Australia for you personally?
& # 8212; I do not even know where to start. Australians are very kind and patient, they will not make a signal on the road, be nervous, raise their voice to others like ours. Of course, this is due to the comfort of living conditions.
Despite the fact that the local people are not particularly religious, they do not rush into all the hard.
Also here is a high competitive environment, it is difficult to find a "collar" job with adequate salaries. In Australia they pay.
more to those who are engaged in more difficult work. For example, electricians, carpenters,
plumbers with long experience earn not less, and sometimes more than office workers.
- Is there something similar between the countries?
Large area and low population density, as well as multinationality.
- If we talk about the numbers & # 8230; How would you characterize the management of the budget of Australians, do you consider them more economical than Kazakhstan?
& # 8212; Here it is customary to rely only on yourself, not on relatives. Therefore, we can say that the allocation of the budget to the Australians is taught from childhood. Basically, many are tied up with loans to their homes, as well as many who prefer to spend money on travel. In addition, most Australians have only a college diploma and as a rule 50% of them work at the construction site. The average Australian's budget is approximately $ 900 AUD per week, which he receives, net of tax. $ 200 AUD goes for rent, $ 150 AUD & # 8212; on food and $ 100 AUD & # 8212; for entertainment.
- What stereotypes about Australia would you refute?
& # 8212; That Australians are stupid. Believe me, when a person has confidence in the future, he does not need to finish a bachelor's program, a master's degree and learn another language. They just live for fun.
- Are you going to return to Kazakhstan? How often do you come to your homeland? What are your plans?
& # 8212; Of course, I will return to Kazakhstan, where my family, parents. I come once a year. It's just now on the first place & # 8212; earn money, see the world and stand up.
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