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In 2016, the program of immigration through entrepreneurship in Canada can gain popularity.

In 2016, the program of immigration through entrepreneurship in Canada can gain popularity.
In 2016, a program of immigration through entrepreneurship to Canada, for people with skills and the potential to create business in Canada, can become a more attractive option for many companies across the country.
Workers in the industry believe that the immigration program through a start-up, with an annual quota of 2,750 applicants, can generate revenue of $ 800 million over the next 3-5 years and become a major alternative to the Quebec immigration program for investors.
According to the immigration program through a start-up, residence permits are issued to immigrant entrepreneurs who meet the requirements. The goal is to attract entrepreneurs to Canada, whose ideas for business are full of innovation, and bringing them to the private sector (business angels, venture capital funds or business incubators), which will act as an intermediary in starting a business based in Canada based on a start-up.
The program consists of three stages. During the first time, the investor is reduced to an enterprise that meets the requirements. After this, during the second stage, the applicant-investor, who was approved, will soon receive a temporary work permit. During the final stage, the investor, as well as his entire family, will receive permanent resident status. The current deadline for processing the application for a visa is approximately 6 months.
Immigration through Entrepreneurship Program in Canada: Requirements.
The investor must meet a set of requirements that are evaluated according to the "passed / not passed" principle. These include:
Obtaining a written commitment from a person designated by the government in the form of a certificate or a letter confirming one of the following options: Confirmation by the business incubator of the investor's business was accepted for the financing program Business angel confirms that it is willing to invest at least $ 75,000 into the venture- of the capital confirms that it is willing to invest at least $ 200,000 in the applicant's business. The presence of an enterprise operating in Canada that is responsible It has the necessary criteria, according to which the investor holds at least 10% of the company's shares. Experience in business, as well as capital, which is sufficient for a stipulated investment, as well as for the first time in Canada. At least one year of study in higher education Establishment (completed program) Sufficient knowledge of English or French, confirmed through one of the standard tests. Intention to live in any province other than Quebec. Passed medical examination and so on. Verka conviction.
Applicants who have submitted all the necessary documents can expect a decision about their application for work permits after 1-2 months, after which the status of permanent resident can be obtained in less than six months (6 months).
Program of immigration through entrepreneurship in Canada: Advantages of the program.
The fastest immigration path to Canada for the investor and the whole family There are no obligations attached to the visa, unlike the provincial programs for entrepreneurs. Investors, combined with business angels with a decent reputation, venture capital funds or business incubators, will have access to business- consultants and professionals in developing business strategies that will help bring the enterprise to the global market. Having the opportunity not to conduct a personal interview.
The biggest difficulty for investors may be the choice of a suitable sponsoring organization approved by the state (business angel, venture capital fund or business incubator).
Also, to meet the requirements, the company must be a joint-stock company, and also operate on the territory of Canada. The applicant-investor, as mentioned earlier, must hold at least 10% of the shares of the enterprise, while no other owner can hold more than 50% of the shares. Up to 5 applicants per company can be found.
Applicants who have received a certificate (commitment) from the established organization and who wish to start working directly from the application for permanent resident status during processing can apply for a short-term work permit based on the earlier mentioned certificate.
The program of immigration through entrepreneurship in Canada: does not apply to those who are going to live in the province of Quebec.
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