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Immigration training in Brazil

Immigration training in Brazil
Beautiful beaches, rhythm of samba and party atmosphere - who does not want to get an education in Brazil?
The bachelor's degree program in Brazil immerses you not only in a student environment that your friends envied, but also gives you an excellent education. Brazilian universities in an increasing number are in the top 500 rankings of world universities. The Brazilian economy is one of the most developing in the world, which means: literate graduates are realized in a career.
Brazil - the largest country in South America, there is an impressive number of universities and universities, where you can get a bachelor's degree. A developing economy allows education to improve standards and attract foreign students. Among the most common universities in Brazil are the following:
Federal, state-regulated universities State universities Municipal, state-regulated universities Private universities.
Bachelor's training in Brazil usually takes four years. Nevertheless, some professional courses, such as medicine, law and engineering, last five years. You need to speak and write in Portuguese, according to academic standards, is a requirement of Brazilian universities and is evaluated as a language exam. All students, domestic or foreign, must pass the entrance examination, usually in December or January.
Cost of training in Brazil.
The cost of studying for international students in Brazil varies depending on the university, but the average amount is about $ 2,000 per year. However, many state universities do not charge tuition fees, you only need to pay registration fee.
Immigration and visa policy of Brazil.
Most foreign students receive a student visa. Although visa requirements vary from country to country, almost all require compliance with the following criteria:
the passport is valid for six months after the end of the course of a copy of the document on enrolling in an institution of higher education from an accredited Brazilian university confirming financial solvency for the duration of the trip.
When you come to Brazil, you need to register with the Federal Police within thirty days of your arrival. If you do not do this, you will be taxed for each missed day that went beyond the 30-day limit, and this can create problems for you when you renew or renew your visa. It is necessary to accurately find out all the information in the Brazilian embassy in your country, before the trip.
Brazilian universities usually do not provide students with hostels, unlike other countries, here most students live in rented apartments.
It is best to contact the international center of your chosen university to find out if the university provides accommodation. Perhaps it is worthwhile to book a hostel for the first month of your studies, in order to subsequently find a rented apartment, already being in the country.
The cost of living while studying in Brazil.
Brazil has a relatively high level of prices compared to other countries in South America, but, like in every country, the higher the standard of living you are applying for, the more you will have to pay. Restaurants, napitki and public transport here is more expensive than in other places in South America.
Rent a rented apartment per month is usually:
living with the landlord - R $ 180-350 at the guesthouse - R $ 350-800 (meals included) furnished apartment - R $ 500-2,000 depending on the city of residence.

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