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Immigration to the United States.

Immigration to the United States.
Immigration to the United States.
Surprisingly, all the people in the world have an image of the Green Card as something unreal. The one that can only be won in the lottery & hellip;
Generally the concept of & laquo; green card & raquo; - this is essentially the same as the residence permit (residence permit) and permanent residence (permanent residence) in the Russian Federation. That is, a green card & ndash; This is a document certifying your right to be in the territory of the United States of America without a visa.
USA & ndash; The first to come up with a make from their residence permit is the brand & raquo; and even organize a lottery for this. On residence permit of the Russian Federation there is no lottery. So Russia says that we have enough people, everything is working for us, we will close all our spheres with our citizens & hellip;
America, on the contrary, implementing the Green Card Lottery and programs like Work and Travel, shows that the country needs both qualified and unskilled labor. They are constantly developing production, opening up new private and state-owned companies, respectively, opens a huge number of jobs. Their citizens, they can not close, so attract foreign migrants.
In this vein, there are two different concepts & ndash; Green Card Lottery and Green Card issued in the United States. If the lottery is clear that there are no guarantees there, and the chances of all are equal, then with the design of residence permit and subsequent permanent residency within the country, we now will understand.
There are several ways to design a Green-Card. Basic methods & ndash; this:
1) Asylum (political, religious, social)
Many think that the design of asylum can entail aggression on the part of the authorities in the applicant's homeland. In fact, the asylum process & ndash; a matter of state secrets of the United States of America. Your case (the basis for asylum) will only be known to you and the designated immigration officer. Your country will know that you have obtained a residence permit (residence permit) in the United States, and nothing more. All the details of your case remain in the archives of the United States.
Also erroneous is the statement that "I do not have grounds for obtaining asylum in the US". Believe me, if you decided to move to the US, then you have these reasons for sure. OUR ATTORNEYS will ask you to write a detailed autobiography in which any legally-savvy professional will be able to discern the reasons for political, religious or social asylum in a more developed country. Next, the LAWYER helps you compile a case (the story of your arrival in the US, with justifications for asylum). The correct writing of the case usually takes from two weeks to one month.
The next step is to think through the evidence that will help you convince the migration officer of your right to obtain a Vault. The collection of evidence also extends from two weeks to one month.
When the case is drawn up and the evidence is collected, together with the lawyer, you correctly draw up your case and send it to the nearest Migration Service office.
Waiting for confirmation of receipt of documents. Then you are invited to hand in fingerprints. And from now on you expect 150 days & ndash; technological period. After 150 days:
A) you are put on the waiting list for an interview. Currently, the turn for an interview with the Migration Officer in some states is 1.5-2 years.
B) in turn, you request Work Permit, which you are given within 30 days.
This Work Permit gives you the right to work in any field. At the same time, you can do a Diploma Evaluation, which will further increase the range of vacancies.
And all this time you work quietly and live in the territory of the United States of America. The only rule is & ndash; until the end of the Green Card process, you do not have the right to leave the US.
If you originally came to the US with your family. All members of your family are included in one case. One of you becomes the main applicant, the rest are & ndash; go with it by default. They also can count on Work Permit after 150 days of the technological period.
** The same applies to friends.
You can go to study at an American university or college. Pleasure is not cheap, but you will have free time to earn extra money. Plus, when you issue a study visa, you get Social Security.
After graduation, you are sent to practice, usually with further employment. Accordingly, your visa is changed to H1B. In order to get a green card, you need to work on a visa H1B - three years.
If you have received a study visa (F1) or a work visa (H1B), your relatives have the right to apply for an accompanying visa of the same categories. Accordingly, the same way to live and work in the US.
In advance we warn! We do not work with fictitious marriages.
But we can help you find your "half" & raquo; in USA. To date, we have entered into partnership agreements with all leading marriage agencies in the US and Canada. Our managers can help you create attractive information about yourself, and also assist you in correspondence with the American side.
Marriage or Marriage & ndash; the fastest way to get a green card, and later US citizenship.
In order to get a green card through business, you need to invest in the American economy from 500,000 to 1 million dollars. In this case, you can invest in an existing business project, or open your own. OUR ATTORNEYS can advise you on existing programs for investors, the most common at the moment, the EB-5 Program. The goal of the Program is to attract foreign investment to create new jobs. There are two versions of the EB-5 Program: standard and pilot.
Standard program EB-5: a foreign citizen invests $ 1 million in the US economy and creates a minimum of 10 jobs, as a result of the implementation of his investment project. The investor himself must be directly involved, as the head of the enterprise.
The EB-5 pilot program: investors unite capital and invest in major projects through the Regional Centers EB-5. Such a center should have a license from the US Immigration Service. As a rule, the projects of the centers are located in the zones of targeted employment, so the amount of investment is reduced to 500 thousand. The Regional Center, in turn, is responsible for ensuring that the project meets the conditions of the EB-5 Program. A company-developer is responsible for the implementation of the project and creating the planned number of jobs. At the same time, the developer also finances the project at his own expense and at the expense of a bank loan for construction. Thus, in the successful completion of the project, all parties are equally interested (investors, the Regional Center, the bank and the developer).
Advantages of investing in Regional Centers?
A) You need to invest 500 thousand dollars, instead of 1 million.
B) You do not have to take an active part in the activities of the company, as the Regional Center monitors your investment.
The process of investing funds is as follows:
1. The investor, with the help of our lawyer, selects a certain Regional Center and a certain investment project.
2. The Regional Center provides the investor with confidential information regarding the investment project, including business plan, economic calculations, licenses, the Limited Partnership Agreement, the agreement with the bank on the Escrow Agreement, etc. .
3. The investor makes a decision and joins the number of partners of the new commercial enterprise, as well as collects the necessary documents for filing a Petition of a foreign entrepreneur (I-526, Petition by Alien Entrepreneur).
4. The investor deposits a deposit of 500,000 US dollars, plus the collection of the Regional Center (on average $ 50,000) into the escrow account of the Regional Center. All documents on the project are immediately sent to our lawyer and, theoretically, you can file the first petition on the same day.
5. After the expiration of the first (conditional) green card, the Regional Center provides all documents for submission to a permanent green card. That is why the reliability of the Regional Center plays a decisive role - & ndash; on how responsible the employees of the center approach to the control of the project and how competently they collect the documents confirming the course of the investment process and the fact of creating jobs, it depends on whether you receive a permanent green card.
Emigration to the United States.
The procedure for obtaining a green card under the EB-5 Program consists of three stages:
1. Submission of the Petition of the Foreign Entrepreneur (Form I-526, Petition by Alien Entrepreneur). Consideration of the petition usually takes 8-12 months.
2. Applying for change of status to the US Immigration Service (Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) & ndash; if you are in the United States.
If you are outside the US, then we help you apply for an immigrant visa to the US Consulate in your country of residence. The Green Card you receive immediately upon your arrival in America. The first Green card is issued for 2 years ("temporary" or "conditional" green card). The processing of the application takes about 6-8 months.
3. Further, 90 days before the expiration of the conditional Green Card, you will need to file an Application for the removal of restrictions (Form I-829, Petition by an Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions). After approving this petition, you and your family members will receive a permanent Green Card for 10 years, which can be extended unlimited number of times, or changed to the status of a US citizen. Application for citizenship can be submitted after 4 years and 9 months from the receipt of the first (conditional) Green Card.
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