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Immigration to the United States through investments in regional centers.

Immigration to the United States through investments in regional centers.
One of the most reliable ways to get an American Green Card is an EB-5 investment visa. It involves investing in a special structure - a regional center. What it is? How reliable are these investments? What are the main requirements for the applicant? And what income can I get? The answers to these questions are in our material.
What is the regional center.
Regional Center & ndash; this is a private company that has received permission from the immigration service to accept the money of investors under the relevant program. Such centers implement different projects. As a rule, they are associated with the construction of new buildings. It can also be the construction of hotels, shopping complexes, offices & hellip; There are even projects that are connected with the urban infrastructure. True, there are not so many of them.
How is the money management of the investor.
Most often, investors in the EB-5 program invest in a newly created partnership (limited partnership or LLC). The manager of this partnership can be a regional center (or an affiliated legal entity), a developer or a third party.
How is the responsibility of developers insured?
Under the law, neither the developer nor the regional center can guarantee a refund. They can only provide collateral, mortgage property or real estate in favor of investors.
How to get an EB-5 investment visa.
You must invest at least $ 500 thousand in a project of the US regional center, if it belongs to a region with a high unemployment rate or is in rural areas, and at least $ 1 million if the project does not belong to this category.
Basic requirements for the investor.
One of the main advantages of the EB-5 program over other ways of obtaining a Green Card through investment is the almost complete lack of qualification requirements for the participant. The applicant-investor does not have any special requirements for working experience in certain positions, the length of service, the presence of a profile or higher education, the knowledge of the English language, even the applicant's age.
To apply for a visa, the investor must:
To invest at least $ 500 thousand into a project of the US regional center if it belongs to a region with a high unemployment rate or is in rural areas and a minimum of $ 1 million if the project does not belong to this category. Create 10 new jobs. Usually this requirement is provided by the developer himself. In this case, nothing is required from the investor. But it is important to choose a project where job creation is more or less guaranteed. Prove the legality of the origin of funds. This is the main requirement for the investor and the most difficult moment. Proof can serve, for example, a gift, a document on the sale of real estate, dividends. By the way, the problem can be the investment of funds in cash, since it is necessary to show that all taxes have been paid in accordance with local laws. The requirement of non-conviction & mdash; this does not apply to the EB-5 program itself, but is a general requirement of the US law for new immigrants. Having a criminal record does not necessarily lead to failure. Everything depends on the nature of the crime, the limitation period and other factors. There is also a procedure that provides for the cancellation of the application of these requirements in certain situations.
What eventually gets an investor.
The investor, spouse and children under the age of 21 receive a green card.
The popularity of the program among investors.
The number of petitions filed for the EB-5 visa has been steadily increasing in recent years. So, for example, in 2013 the US Immigration Service received 6,346 petitions for consideration, in 2014 the number of applications for a visa almost doubled and amounted to 10,923 petitions. The year 2015 also demonstrated an explosive growth in demand for the EB-5 visa, closing at 14,373 petitions.
Ratio of approved and rejected petitions & ndash; one of the best among all immigrant visas. In 2015, this ratio was 9 to 1.
In terms of the number of issued EU-5 immigrant visas for 2015, Russians ranked first in Europe with a record of 88 issued visas from the European total of 294 visas. British citizens received 80 visas, Ukrainians & ndash; 18 visas, French & ndash; 16. Thus, 30% of visas issued to Europeans fell on Russia. According to the global indicator, Russians were the sixth in the world, losing only to Chinese citizens (8,156 visas), Vietnam (280 visas), Taiwan (139 visas), South Korea (116 visas) and India (111 visas).
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