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Immigration to the Netherlands.

Immigration to the Netherlands.
Immigration to the Netherlands: description.
Immigration to the Netherlands through obtaining refugee status.
Inquiry of asylum.
A formal request for asylum takes place at one of the four reception points (ACs) of the Immigration Service. After the first interview with the representatives of the Service, the asylum seeker within 48 working hours (about 6 working days) will be notified whether his case is accepted for further consideration or not. If he is immediately denied, he can appeal against this decision in a judicial order. But he is expected to wait for an answer outside the Netherlands. If the case is accepted for further, more thorough consideration, the Immigration Service will conduct a detailed interview and you can expect a definitive answer in the country. You will be sent to one of the centers for the compact residence of displaced persons, who are located in most cities of the Netherlands.
Consideration of petition.
After a detailed examination of your case, the Service will decide on your case. This should happen within 6 months, only in exceptional cases the period can be extended. In fact - years. If the Immigration Service expects a change in the situation in the country of origin (for the better), the decision will also be delayed.
Map of the Netherlands.
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Positive solution.
In case of a positive decision you will be granted a residence permit for a certain period of time (up to 3 years). Once the situation in the country of residence is normalized or it turns out that you no longer need protection, you will be obliged to return to the country from which you arrived in Holland. Based on the new law on foreigners, a single residence permit for all refugees is introduced. Those who obtained such permission can work and study. If, at the expiration of three years, the refugee still needs protection, he will be granted a permanent residence permit, which entitles him to reside permanently in the Netherlands.
A negative decision.
If, nevertheless, the Immigration Service finds that you can not be granted a residence permit, you will be warned about it in advance.
Appeal to the State Council.
If your application is still rejected, and you must leave the territory of the Netherlands, then there is still the possibility of appealing this decision to the court. If you file an appeal with the court, the demand to leave the country is temporarily lifted, and you can expect an answer in the country. To this position, alas, there are a number of exceptions. For example, if you were refused at the first reception center (AU), and if you had previously applied for refuge with another legend and were refused - then you can not expect the completion of the lawsuit in Holland. If the judge rejects the appeal, the refugee can file a complaint with the State Council (De Raad van State). The decision of this court can not be expected on the territory of the Netherlands. In the event that the State Council recognizes the complaint as justified, the request for asylum will be reviewed anew. A negative decision of the State Council means that this instance agrees with the opinion of the previous judge and the foreigner has no right to apply for a residence permit.

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