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Immigration to the Czech Republic.

Immigration to the Czech Republic.
Beautiful country Czech Republic. Being in the center of Europe, it practically did not suffer in the Second World War, having saved a rich historical heritage. A variety of hilly landscape, temperate climate, unique historical castles, beautiful national parks, famous medical and ski resorts, and, of course, the famous beer - everything has to live in such a country. Many, having arrived here by tourists, literally fall in love with this country at first sight and buy real estate in the Czech Republic to settle in this region. But for immigration to the Czech Republic you need to get permanent residence. How here to stay forever?
In fact, it's not so simple. From 5 years you need to live here if you have a long (more than 90 days) visa. Many choose business immigration. They open their business here or buy it to avoid mistakes related to ignorance of local legislation.
You can bind yourself by marriage to citizens of the Czech Republic, then there is no such long and tedious waiting. But, if the family life gives a heel and does not stand the test of time for more than 5 years, you will simply be deprived of the view of permanent residence in the Czech Republic. By the way, the migration service is very scrupulous in this matter and carefully monitors such marriages. The police will arrange a real interrogation for future spouses, and the questions are asked the most unexpected: from the brand of toothpaste and the color preferences of the spouse to the view from the window of the place of cohabitation. Answers to questions are compared and analyzed, as in the well-known film "Green Card" with Gerard Depardieu. Another possibility of obtaining permanent residence is to file a petition for reasons of humanity, but the implementation in practice is quite difficult because of the reluctance of the Czechs to grant permanent residence to refugees because of certain costs.
The basis for obtaining foreigners permission for long-term residence can serve as business activity in the territory, participation in a Czech legal entity, training in an accredited institution or temporary employment. In addition, if you have a close relative living in the Czech Republic alone and needing care, the chances of getting a residence permit increase. In this case, the Czech embassy is asked to issue a long-term visa. The application should be accompanied by a standard set of documents, including, and confirming family ties.
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