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Immigration to the Czech Republic types of companies

Immigration to the Czech Republic types of companies
In recent years, immigration to the Czech Republic has become increasingly popular and this is understandable. Although the Czech Republic is not an immigrant country, it is still not difficult to move to permanent residence. It is necessary to meet certain requirements in order to obtain the possibility of long-term residence on its territory:
have Czech family connections, go to study at a higher educational institution, get a work visa to open a legal entity in the Czech Republic.
It was the latter option that helped to move the country to a large number of foreigners.
Immigration to the Czech Republic, through the opening of the company, is one of the most popular opportunities for moving. Registration of a company in the Czech Republic is not a complicated and relatively inexpensive procedure. However, it is important to understand that during an interview at the consulate, before submitting documents for an entrepreneurial visa, you will be closely studied, asking the expected and unexpected questions, trying to convict that you want to immigrate to the Czech Republic, through the opening of the company. The interview at the consulate is one of the important moments, which must be prepared thoroughly, without missing any detail, even the one that at first glance seems absolutely unimportant. So, the first step is to register a company in the Czech Republic for subsequent immigration to the Czech Republic.
On the basis of an open company, a legal entity participant and his family have the right to obtain residence permit in the Czech Republic, which after 5 years of residence in the country is replaced by the status of a permanent resident of the republic. With the exception of the suffrage, you and your family will become full members of a friendly European family.
The task of our firm is to help orient ourselves in a variety of proposals and achieve the desired goal with minimum costs.
The company "KEVEL plus" provides services for obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic on the basis of registration of a company in the Czech Republic. On this page, we will try to detail as much as possible everything that you need to know to make a final decision.
The cost of immigration services in the Czech Republic.
The cost of services for the opening of the company is: 1390 euros and includes all the necessary payments associated with the execution of this instruction (more about the cost of all our services). You do not need to transfer the amount of 200,000 kroons of authorized capital, because and we will make this amount ourselves.
The legal address of the firm. A very important aspect is that within a year or until you yourself re-register your company to a new address, all correspondence intended for your company will be delivered to you. Therefore, good availability and availability of your company name on the mailbox is a sine qua non. We guarantee that the legal addresses provided by our company meet all of the above requirements.
Registration fees, services of a court interpreter, notarization of all necessary documents, opening of a bank account in a Czech bank and even a license for a free activity (livestock sheet) - all this is included in the cost of registering a company in the Czech Republic.
For many, immigration to the Czech Republic begins with this first and perhaps even the most important step. Entrust the opening of your company to professionals who will not extort additional funds for, so the naming of "acceleration". In the presence of properly collected documents, the company is registered in a period of 7 to 14 days and very often the buyer pays the amount for the imposed service for nothing.
In order to make the algorithm of our company more understandable, below we tried to describe in as much detail the procedure for registering the firm.

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