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Immigration to the Czech Republic from Russia: a step-by-step instruction.

Immigration to the Czech Republic from Russia: a step-by-step instruction.
This article is devoted to the Czech Republic. It details immigration to the Czech Republic: its stages, necessary documents, rules of registration, practical recommendations are given.
Stages of immigration.
Getting a long-term visa.
Student visa . It is issued for a period of 1 year upon admission to the Czech educational institutions or the purchase of language courses. Despite this during the further registration of permanent residence is counted only six months from each year of residence for such a visa. It's fairly easy to get, according to statistics, 1% failure rate. Full emigration to the Czech Republic will take 10-11 years. Working visa is difficult to issue. Under Czech law, the employer is supposed to first open a vacancy at the local labor exchange and only then he has the right to file a request for the involvement of third-country nationals, including from Russia. In 90% of cases the visa is refused. Business immigration to the Czech Republic. Difficult and financially expensive way. A legal entity in the Czech Republic is required to be opened, legal documents are provided that prove that the business exists and makes a profit. These include concluded contracts, statements from the company's account, certificates of payment of taxes. It is necessary to prove that your business is functioning and capable of making a profit, because in 90% of cases the visa is refused.
After entering the Czech Republic on a long-term visa application for a residence permit is issued. Such a permit is valid for 2 years, then it is extended. Anyone who wants to move to reunite the family can apply immediately.
If there are close relatives with Czech citizenship, permanent residence or residence permit, immigration from Russia to the Czech Republic is simplified.
Permanent residence.
Five years of residence in the Czech Republic give the immigrant the right to issue a permit for permanent residence. Those who come from Russia to the Czech Republic for permanent residence enjoy all the benefits available to citizens of the country, except for participation in elections.
Czech citizenship.
The final stage. After 10 years of living in the Czech Republic, 5 of which the applicant must live in the status of permanent residence, you can apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic with a request for citizenship.
The grounds for registration of permanent residence.
To obtain a permit for permanent residence in the Czech Republic bypassing the stages of obtaining a long-term visa and residence permit, it is necessary:
Have at least one parent over the age of 70 living permanently in the territory of the Czech Republic. Be over 65 years of age and be a single parent or parent of any age with restricted health and requiring the care of a citizen permanently residing in the Czech Republic. Be a spouse with a permanent residence or Czech citizenship. Be a minor child, husband or wife of a refugee status in the Czech Republic.
Documents required for permanent residence.
Valid passport, 2 copies of the page with personal data. Application form, completed in Czech in capital letters. 2 photos 3,5�4,5. Documents confirming financial security. Documents confirming the availability of housing: a lease, or written consent of a relative. Certificate on the absence of previous convictions in the country of residence Documents confirming a related relationship with a Czech citizen. When reuniting a minor child with a parent residing on the territory of the Czech Republic, it is additionally necessary to provide: A notarized consent of the second parent or the conclusion of his death, in case of deprivation of parental rights, is a judicial decision.
Where to arrange permanent residence.
Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic. Consulate in the country of which you are a citizen.
Requirements for a candidate.
When applying for a permanent residence permit, the candidate submits documents proving:
Necessity of being in the country: an employment contract certified by a judicial interpreter and notary confirming the relationship with a Czech citizen, a certificate of registration of a legal entity, etc. Income: statement of account. Payment of full medical insurance in the Czech Republic. Availability of housing: a lease or an extract from the register on the ownership of real estate. Pass the exam for knowledge of the Czech language at A1 level - is conducted on the day of submission of documents, the conversation lasts 30-40 minutes and includes 25-30 questions. The examiner asks about the place of residence, work, wife and relatives. Provide biometric data. During an interview at the Consulate, you need to turn off the phone.
In which cases an application for permanent residence in the Czech Republic can be submitted to the Russian Federation.
Family reunification. If a husband or wife permanently resides in the Czech Republic, has a permanent residence or citizenship, the second spouse may apply for permanent residence in Russia at the Consulate of the Czech Republic.
The applicant enters the Consulate only, the attendants have to wait outside.
Fees and time limits for consideration.
A long-term visa costs 2500 CZK. Permit for permanent residence - 500 kroons.
Payment is accepted only in cash in euros, at the current rate at the Consulate's box office.
If there are no certified copies of documents or need to translate the questionnaire from Russian into Czech, the Consulate provides such services for a fee.
Depending on the reason, the request for permanent residence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic is considered 120-270 days.
Track the status of your application on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. After filing a case, a number is assigned and the status is displayed in the opened file.
Reasons for refusal.
You may be refused if:
Not passed the test of knowledge of the Czech language. No insurance. There is no confirmation of income and availability of housing.
Having a permanent residence permit, immigrants from Russia:
Do not depend on a student or work visa. They can conclude an employment contract with the company at their discretion. They are entitled to receive benefits and benefits, according to the legislation of the country.
What attracts immigration to the Czech Republic for Russians, see in the video:
Acquisition of citizenship.
After 10 years of continuous residence in the Czech Republic (taking into account the time from the first entry on a long-term visa until the end of the period of permanent residence), a citizen has the right to apply for citizenship. A plus for Russian immigrants is considered a demanded rare profession, a stable business or historical links with the Czech Republic. In other cases, the probability of obtaining citizenship is 50%.

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