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Immigration to the Cyprus forum

Immigration to the Cyprus forum
When entering the territory of Northern Cyprus, a visa is placed in the passport (or in the package), completely free for a period of 30 to 90 calendar days. We advise you to adhere to the visa regime. for an illegal stay in Northern Cyprus, a fine of 70 Turkish liras for each overdue day or, in case of non-payment, deportation. The rules of the visa regime and the acquisition of citizenship are the same both for residents of the European Union and for other countries. Buying a property gives everyone the right to receive an annual visa with the right of annual extension - a temporary residence permit.
� Visa "residence permit"
- Passport (passports of all family members)
- Copy of purchase and sale (lease)
- Confirmation of your solvency for one year (bank accounts, certificate of pension payments ...). If this is a bank account, the cost of living should not be less than the minimum wage in North Cyprus (1260 lire) per month.
- 6-8 photos (passport format)
- Up to 10 postage stamps.
- Marriage certificate (if you are married)
After applying to the police station, you apply to the head of the local municipality or "Mukhtar" (at the place of purchase or lease of real estate), which assures your residence. Further, you need to undergo a medical examination in a hospital in the cities of Nicosia, Girne or Famagusta (licensed clinic addresses can be obtained from immigration offices), which includes a blood test for HIV and chest X-ray. The results of the medical examination are usually ready in 2 weeks. With all received and registered documents, the application is submitted to immigration authorities in the city of Nicosia.
The process of obtaining a visa is not complicated, but if it seems to someone to be a "headache", there are agencies that will help you in obtaining various types of visas, residence permits, driving licenses, and other documents.
After five years with an entry visa in your passport, you can apply for a permanent residence permit (STP) and citizenship. For more information, contact the immigration office - 0392 611 1022 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting______________0392 611 1022______end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0392 611 1022 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting______________0392 611 1022______end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Turkish or English)
To work in North Cyprus - you must have a work visa.
Registration of a work visa is handled by the employer. A work permit, which is temporary, can now be submitted to foreign citizens only for such specific posts that can not be occupied by citizens of North Cyprus. Your employer must prove that he really needs your qualification.
To this end, he applies to the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance, who in turn act as advisors to the Immigration Services for processing immigration documents in your name.
It is formalized directly in the educational institution of the student. Immigration to Northern Cyprus.
Alliance- Estate - Northern Cyprus, real estate and immigration.
Vegetation. North Cyprus has a surprisingly rich variety of vegetables and fruits, given the water shortage. There is no running water, the water reserve is replenished almost exclusively by rainwater during the winter season and, in the area of Lefke-Guzelyurt, due to melting snow from the Troodos Mountains. In these areas about 45% of the land is cultivated. About 20% of the total area of Northern Cyprus - is forest, and numerous programs are aimed at afforestation, especially cedar, as the most accustomed culture here. In the valleys and lowlands successfully grows cypress and eucalyptus, one of the variations of the oak growing in the form of a large shrub plant, in the foothills - olive and carob trees, and the coast is decorated with palm trees and agaves. Gardens in Northern Cyprus are struck by a variety of colors and odors - fragrant jasmine species, wonderfully flowering bushes - bougainvilleas, growing here in a range of colors ranging from purple to orange, which are perfect for gates and pergolas.
Entrance examinations for foreign citizens are not held.
I will answer questions on Immigration, residence permits, buying, selling, renting real estate, training, working in North Cyprus.
A visa to Northern Cyprus is established by the customs authorities upon entry into the country for up to 90 days. The service is provided free of charge.
Your passport is the only document necessary for the purchase of real estate.
The laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are based on British laws.
The notary services are about 1,000 for a full package of documents before the final transfer of real estate to your name.
If you have documents confirming the purchase of real estate, you can easily transfer money to international banks, represented in North Cyprus.
At present, the first sale of real estate is not taxed.
Upon the expiry of the entry visa, the maximum period of which is 90 days, you can obtain a temporary residence permit.
You can use your rights for three months, after which you need to get a local driving license (you need to have a residence permit for this).
You can sign a contract for the purchase of two properties, but you can apply for a permit to purchase and purchase titles only for one property, but you can find a trustee (this person must be a friend, relative or someone you trust) real estate in your name. Another solution is the creation of own business in North Cyprus.
The approximate duration is one year. This process involves searching for information in the Department of Land Records, Immigration and Military Services.
Yes. Once the construction of your property is completed, you enter into its ownership.
It depends on the terms of your contract. When selling your property, a contract is signed between you, the seller / builder and the new buyer. Sale before the receipt of titles has its benefits, because Taxes on real estate are paid only when transferring titles to your name.
Life in Northern Cyprus is calm, measured, without stress, practically, without crime. We do not need to close the car, windows, hold your bags tight. Nobody is pushing, not rude, people are smiling at each other, and drivers are giving way to each other. At first it surprises and it seems strange, but very soon it is so natural to get used to it, that then even for a while to return to our habitual "norm" when you are going home with a visit, it is very difficult.
Housing can be safely left for a long time, nothing will happen to it. Communal services are paid in advance if you want: water, lighting and street cleaning = $ 10 per month, electricity - by the meter (which means you will not pay anything until you live in an apartment).
There are separate roof terraces on almost all apartments located on the top floor of a house in North Cyprus. It's comfortable. The terraces are separated from each other. Each apartment on the top floor has its own terrace. On the terrace, as a rule, there is a sink with a faucet (for example, a standard kitchen sink). Often set large barbecues, pergolas (these are wooden canopies from the sun), sun loungers, flowers in pots. Less often - a shower or a jacuzzi. I know a couple of examples when on the terrace on the roof of the tenants arranged full-scale working classrooms (covered with a roof).
� a copy of the front of the passport and the page where the entry visa is located;
� A certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the place of residence on the absence of a criminal record with the buyer, translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish Embassy.
The best option is a taxi. Here in North Cyprus, we can make excursions, or make a review of the real estate. It depends on what purpose.
The daughter married a foreigner. At the moment they do not want to leave Ukraine. But the passport office said that the son-in-law will have the right to a residence permit only after 2 years, and within 2 years he must enter and leave every 3 months.
I looked at the law on a temporary residence permit, it says that you can get it only by getting a job.
Do we really have no laws on family reunification?
In April, I flew to Cyprus to a friend and on passport control to me in the passport by hand wrote something incomprehensible (it seemed at that time). I stayed in Cyprus for a little over 3 weeks and on the way back it turned out that these "scribbles" meant 15 days and I exceeded them by 8 days, for which I must pay a fine. At the airport police station, I was discharged with a fine of just over 500TL (about $ 170) and said that if I did not pay now, then on a second visit to Cyprus I would have to pay twice as much (
1100 TL). I certainly no longer had the means and I flew away.
Now I'm worried about the question. I'm going to enter one of the universities of Cyprus for an exchange for one semester. Do I have to pay a fine if I get a student visa and will I get it at all? Thanks in advance.

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