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Immigration to Sweden.

Immigration to Sweden.
There are such countries in Europe that look as if they have come down from the pages of good children's fairy tales. Everything in them is harmonious and wonderful. It is such a country is Sweden. The nature and history of this country is amazing. Life in Sweden is flowing slowly and steadily. But enough lyrics. Let's turn to serious facts.
Sweden is an example of a calm and prosperous life. In this country, socialism lives and thrives. Here, and free education, and free medicine, and a high standard of living, and freedom and tolerance. That's why many people dream of living in Sweden and are looking for ways of legal immigration. Well-being and high level of development of the state dignity beckon to a wide variety of people & ndash; from successful businessmen to refugees from third world countries. However, the Swedes are not as loyal as it might seem at first glance. They do not hurry at all & laquo; open the doors & raquo; before all comers. Getting Swedish citizenship is difficult even for wealthy people. The immigration policy of this country is rather strict. However, several working methods are still available.
Business immigration.
One of the most optimal ways of obtaining permanent residence status is business immigration. Why? After all, everyone wants to be visited by successful and wealthy people, and not ordinary in search of work. And Sweden in this notion is no exception. Note that the conditions for business development in Sweden are quite attractive. Business immigration requires a significant investment of funds in the process of processing all necessary documents. Here, the design of documents for the company directly in Sweden is implied. At the same time, the firm should really work and generate income, as well as create places for work. And, of course, the firm must regularly pay taxes. Here it should be noted that the amount of taxes for legal entities in Sweden is one of the lowest in the whole of Europe. You can invest in the development of the company without any restrictions. In addition, with such investments, duties are not taken.
A businessman is allowed to move to Sweden if he has a 50% stake in a local company and has enough money to support his family. In addition, knowledge of English and Swedish is compulsory. The Migration Board will monitor the development of the company, and evaluate its possible prospects.
Refugee status.
To obtain refugee status a person will have to undergo a rather difficult migration process. If a person in the role of a candidate meets all the requirements, then he will be granted refugee status. But until that time he will be accommodated in the immigration center with full service, including the services of an interpreter. It should be noted that special attention is paid to the protection of the rights of children and women.
If a person proves that he is persecuted in his homeland and the question of return is closely related to the threat to life, then refugee status will be granted to him. The application for such status is submitted along with the application for the residence permit. The review process, as a rule, lasts from six months to a year.
Marriage with a Swedish citizen or citizen.
Perhaps marriage with a citizen of the country or with a person holding a residence permit is the easiest way to get to Sweden. He is also the most reliable. A person can enter the country on a visa of the bride or groom. You can also marry at home and move to Sweden already as a married couple.
Getting a residence permit you need to wait in your country. I will also have to pass an interview in the embassy. The answers will be compared with the answers of the spouse who is in Sweden. The decision is made, as a rule, within two months. Note that this method of immigration is associated with some unpleasant moments. So, the marriage will be checked for fictitiousness within two years. And if the spouses are not divorced after three years, then you can apply for citizenship. In the event of a divorce, this opportunity will have to wait another five years.
Family ties.
Under Swedish law, relatives are husbands and wives, underage children, and parents whose children reside in Sweden. To immigrate through a related program, you need to prove that the relatives lived together in their homeland and led a joint farm. If everything looks correct, it will be documented, then the Immigration Department can immediately issue a permanent residence permit. Otherwise, the relative will be granted the status of residence permit for a year, which will need to be renewed within two years. Two years later, the right to permanent residence can be granted.
Let us note that immigration by kinship ties is the most numerous and active. This is due to the fact that Swedish laws on related issues are much more loyal than in other European countries. As soon as an immigrant receives a permanent residence permit, he is granted the same civil rights as the native Swedes.
Working immigration.
As for those who want to immigrate to Sweden on a professional level, they have to go through the most difficult path. Under Swedish law, it is prohibited to use foreigners to regulate the domestic labor market. Although the last time the harsh demands for foreign workers have been slightly simplified. And the reason for such changes is simple. In Sweden, the local population is aging. At the same time, the birth rate has greatly decreased. All this led to the fact that there were problems with the payment of pensions and social benefits. And this is despite the fact that the country's economy is quite developed.
To obtain permission to enter, stay and work, you need to contact the Swedish Embassy in your country. If the profession is scarce for Sweden, and the level of professionalism is quite high, then labor immigration is an excellent way to get permanent resident status. Foreign workers are first issued a residence permit for two years. During this time, the employer can not be changed. In four years the employee can make out permanent residence.
Author: Gumerova L., Renewal date: 17/02/2017.
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