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Immigration to Nicaragua

Immigration to Nicaragua
R epublic of Nicaragua.
Republic of Panama.
Christian Socialist Solidarity.
In accordance with the government agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Nicaragua, citizens of both countries can respectively enter, leave, follow transit and remain in the country without a visa for 90 days for each period of 180 days, counting from the date of the first entry into the country.
If the citizens of the above mentioned countries want to stay for more than 90 days for commerce and work, they must apply to the migration service of the host country with a justified application to extend the period of stay.
At present, Russian citizens are granted visa-free entry to Argentina, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia and Venezuela.
In Nicaragua, there are two basic laws governing immigration.
Law on Immigration - Ley No. 153 - Ley de Migracion, 30 de Mayo 1993.
The Foreigners Act - LEY DE EXTRANJERIA Ley No. 154.
Since we are dealing with entrepreneurs, we will only consider the most suitable for our businessmen immigration categories:
Foreigners qualified in the investor category receive a cedula de residencia permanente for a period of 5 years, with the right to roll over.
The procedures for obtaining a gray cat for this category are fairly simple:
Registered its own company with a statutory fund of over US $ 30,000 and is registered with the tax authorities.
The firm's office is being equipped or real estate is being purchased.
An application is made on the registration of investors in MIFIK (an analogue of the Russian MIEKONOMRAZVITIJA)
MIFIK checks and makes sure that you have a serious firm (not a one-day business) and issues you with an investor certificate.
You submit this certificate along with all the necessary documents to the Migration Service and within two, three weeks you receive a seadulum.
Law on Immigration - Ley No. 153 - Ley de Migracion.
An alien who wants to obtain permanent resident status and falls into the above-mentioned subcategory must submit an application with the following documents:
Passport the expiry date of which exceeds 6 months.
Certificate of birth and, if necessary, marriage, translated into Spanish and certified.
Police certificate on the absence of previous convictions of the country of origin or where he lived for the last 5 years, translated into Spanish and certified. For people under 16, such a certificate is not required.
A medical certificate issued by the sanitary authorities of the country of origin or where it came from.
Rantier is a person who receives a stable regular monthly income outside of Nicaragua. For example, you rent an apartment in Moscow and receive a monthly rent.
The set of documents is the same as in Article 11, plus documents confirming that you have such an annuity.
The required monthly minimum income is $ 500 for the applicant or $ 600 for the couple.
3. A close relative of a Nicaraguan citizen.
It can be a wife, father, son or brothers. That is, through marriage.
The last two categories can be useful for businessmen who first want to live in the country, understand the situation, and only then invest in their business.

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