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Immigration to New Zealand.

Immigration to New Zealand.
As it is often practiced in developed countries experiencing certain demographic problems, in New Zealand immigration policy is aimed at attracting young, educated people who can provide themselves and contribute to the country's economy.
Immigration programs are similar to the Australian ones:
(Skilled Migrant Category)
It should be noted that along with Australia and Canada, New Zealand is one of the few countries that actively and in large numbers attract immigrants. The main program by which an overwhelming number of migrants enter - so-called. professional category.
In this category, applications are considered in two stages:
The first stage of consideration.
Fill out the form of Expression of Interest ("expression of interest").
This form serves for:
preliminary calculation of the applicant's score; hit (when dialing at least 100 points) in a pool of similar forms (The Pool of Expressions of Interest); further selection for the decision on the possibility of applying for permanent residence.
The applicant's points are composed of the following components:
Education, qualification, Work experience by specialty, Age, Availability of an invitation from a New Zealand company (key moment!), Having a family, Material well-being, Various additional skills.
The passing score varies from year to year, depending on the number of applicants and the needs of New Zealand. If the required amount is not 5 points or less, the applicant can expect a work visa. After successful employment, his chances of permanent status increase.
At the second stage (submission of a separate form and documentation for the right of permanent residence), the applications that successfully passed the selection in the pool at the first stage are processed. The information declared earlier in the form of Expression of Interest must be documented. Information is checked for credibility by the immigration authorities, an interview is conducted with the applicant.
The consideration of the application is completed either by a positive decision on granting the status of a permanent resident (grant of residence), or by a deferred decision, which means issuing a work visa to seek work in New Zealand, or by refusing to grant permanent status.
Applications from individuals who have established a business in New Zealand or made it through are considered. Most often, these are people who previously received a long-term business visa.
In addition to fulfilling typical immigration requirements: knowledge of the English language (minimum IELTS score 5), health status, reputation, it is required to document the legal origin of available funds invested in business in New Zealand.
Investments in the economy of New Zealand.
Applicants in this category are assessed by the ball system. Evaluation criteria include age, entrepreneurial experience and the amount of possible investment in the country's economy.
(Family Quota Category)
In New Zealand, family immigration programs are complex and intricate for the uninitiated, so it is advisable to consult specialists on this issue.
Other permanent and temporary programs.
(Work to Residence)
Includes subcategories such as:
talented professionals in certain areas who have been invited to work from a New Zealand company for at least 2 years and have met all immigration requirements. representatives of art, culture, sports. You need sponsorship from the relevant organization and proof of your abilities in the declared field. specialists of scarce professions students.
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