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Immigration to Morocco.

Immigration to Morocco.
To visit Morocco, foreigners have to issue a visa, but for Russian citizens there is a visa-free regime. Tourists can stay in the country for about three months. After arriving in Morocco in the passport of the visiting person put a seal (this rule applies only to the Russians).
There are several grounds for immigration in Morocco. The most popular ones are:
Obtaining education; Investment; Getting married; Immigration to Morocco for doing business.
Today, immigration to Morocco is getting more and more popular and popular for education. This is explained by the rather wide possibilities for studying at higher educational institutions at affordable prices.
In total, 14 state universities operate in Morocco. The most popular higher educational institutions of the country is the University of Muhammad V, which provides a sufficiently high level of training in such disciplines as humanitarian and natural sciences, law, medicine, etc. Among the private institutions the most famous is Al-Akhawayn, in which the training is conducted according to the American model in English.
Immigration to Morocco for investment.
Among foreign investors, immigration to Morocco is very popular with a view to acquiring real estate. The following factors influence the prospects and profitability of this investment:
Dynamically developing tourism sector; The ideal climate is 333 days a year; Extremely affable population; Variety of beautiful landscapes; Possibility of obtaining the right to permanent residence.
One of the most popular ways of immigration in Morocco is to marry a Moroccan. A foreign citizen has the right to apply for Moroccan citizenship only after a two-year residence in the territory of the country with a legal spouse.
The Kingdom of Morocco is one of the rapidly developing and interesting places for conducting various types of business. Recently, foreign investors are increasingly immigrating to Morocco to open and conduct business in such sectors as international tourism, restaurant business, textile industry and souvenir production.
Foreign entrepreneurs, as a rule, prefer one of the following organizational and legal forms of doing business: an open or closed joint-stock company. The tax rate for entrepreneurial activity varies from 5% to 30%.
Hong Kong is a former British colony, which since July 1, 1997 has become the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Hong Kong, in accordance with the policy of the PRC "One State - Two Systems" continues to maintain a high level of autonomy in resolving its internal affairs for 50 years (that is, until 2047). Hong Kong with a relatively small population of 7 million people, is one of the 12 most economically developed countries (territories), is the third largest financial center (after New York and London), and shares with Singapore the first place as the largest container port.
Miniature Denmark is not accidentally called the "Pearl of the Scandinavian Peninsula": after all, in its small territory, the real treasures of culture and history were concentrated. To visit which, by the way, it is possible all year round: both in winter and in summer.
In the snow, this hospitable country offers an unforgettable New Year's holiday in the fabulous capital of Copenhagen or the rich sights of Aarhus. Or to go to Odense, the city where the most famous storyteller in the world was born, Hans Christian Andersen. In addition, winter Denmark attracts cruise lovers - a New Year's trip by ferry with a visit to several Scandinavian countries will bring real pleasure to both adults and children.
South Africa is a multiracial state located in the extreme south of the African continent, which is distinguished by its excellent infrastructure, political stability, amazing nature and beautiful roads. If a person is employed, then he can easily afford comfortable accommodation, a car and travel. Residents of South Africa have the right to a visa-free visit to 67 countries around the world. Actually, it is the last factor that leads to the fact that immigration in South Africa is becoming increasingly popular.
The United States of America is one of the largest states in the world. The USA occupies the fourth place in the world in size after Russia, Canada and China, and also the third in terms of the number of inhabitants after China and India. At the same time, out of 50 states united under the star-striped flag, 2 - Alaska and Hawaii - do not share borders with the rest of the state. The capital of the USA is Washington.
Armenia is one of the most ancient countries and the first Christian state in the world, which arose in 301. The country gained independence in 1991, and is now a member of the UN and the CIS.
Hungary is a country that can be proud of one of the most beautiful capitals of the world - "Queen of the Danube" - the city of Budapest. In Hungary is the largest lake in Central Europe - Balaton - is a real freshwater sea, a paradise for families with young children, youth, lovers of water sports and entertainment. The legendary mountain of Hungary Tokaj with its unique vineyards, caves and cellars for more than five centuries excites the imagination of true connoisseurs of winemaking art.
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