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Immigration to Malta.

Immigration to Malta.
Malta is one of the smallest European countries. Such states are called dwarfish. But, despite such an unattractive name, the economy of Malta is no lower, or even higher, than the level of most of the EU countries. In addition, the country has a very tolerant taxation system. The way of life in Malta is very calm and measured, the crime rate is very low, and living expenses do not exceed the average level of any European country. The totality of all these factors certainly attracts many people to the country in such conditions. However, in order to ensure that the flow of immigrants does not overwhelm a small population of the country, the government and immigration authorities have introduced some restrictions for those who want to be able to immigrate to Malta.
First of all, these restrictions apply to the financial well-being of the applicant for becoming a resident of Malta. In order to apply for a residence permit in this country, it is necessary to have an average annual income of at least twenty-five thousand euros. Revenues are confirmed by the bank in which you have an account. If you do not yet have a stable income, then you must have at least four hundred thousand euros of capital, which must also be officially certified by the bank in which these funds are kept.
If you meet one of these conditions, your application will be granted, and you will receive a permanent residence permit in the country. However, this is not all that needs to be done to settle in Malta for life. Having obtained a residence permit, you must enter the country and register your residence permit on the spot.
In order to be able to permanently reside in Malta, it is necessary to provide a copy of the passport and birth certificates to the consulate. If the applicant is married and has children, a copy of the marriage certificate and the birth certificate of the child must also be attached. In addition, you must fill out a special questionnaire, which can be obtained directly from the consulate. All copies of documents submitted for consideration must be notarized.
In addition, upon obtaining a residence permit, you sign a document stating that you are obligated to purchase real estate in Malta within the year, in the amount stipulated in the same document. In case you are going to buy an apartment, its value should not be less than ninety thousand euros, if you plan to purchase your own house or any other real estate, then its price should be lower than the figure of one hundred and fifty-five thousand euros. In addition, the immigrant undertakes to pay an annual fee to the Maltese state, for the right to reside on the territory of the country, which is equal to four thousand two hundred euros.
After all the formalities are settled, and the residence permit in Malta is obtained, you can move freely around the Schengen countries without needing any additional documents.

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