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Immigration to Canada via Belgium

Immigration to Canada via Belgium
It will allow foreigners to get a residence permit in the country.
The new owner will be able to use it as a commercial premise.
The new owner wants to help out for the house $ 8.98 million.
The project cost is estimated at $ 60 million.
The singer has reduced the cost from $ 29.5 to $ 26.7 million.
Canada is one of the few developed countries with a state immigration policy. As an immigration country that receives about 200,000 new emigrants annually, Canada has been and remains one of the most desirable countries among potential immigrants; Open to free or so-called independent professional immigration, unlike the United States.
A citizen of any country can apply for permanent residence in Canada and get one without having relatives in Canada, a guaranteed job offer from a Canadian firm, or significant material resources.
Already after three years of residence in the country, an immigrant can apply for Canadian citizenship. No country, except perhaps Australia, can boast of a balanced and well-thought-out immigration policy, which is held in Canada.
Having gone through all stages of the immigration process in an independent professional category, and having received a permanent residence in Canada, a foreigner will acquire all the social and economic rights of Canadian citizens, except the right to elect and be elected.
List of documents for the registration of immigration to Canada.
To review your immigration application, the Canadian Embassy needs the following documents:
1. Foreign passports (your passport, spouse (s) and children at your expense)
2. Copies of internal passports.
3. Birth certificate of all family members.
4. Certificate of marriage and / or divorce.
5. Certificate of adoption of children who are at your expense.
6. If you are traveling with children from previous marriages, you need permission from the former spouse to leave the children.
7. Diplomas, school certificates, other documents on education and qualifications.
8. Characteristics from your employers. The letters of recommendation should list your job responsibilities and / or employment contracts (contracts). (We will help you write a letter from the current employer so that your qualifications meet the Canadian requirements for representatives of this profession.)
9. The work book.
10. A copy of the military ticket.
11. References from the police (Police certificate) to all adult members of the applicant's family traveling with him to Canada. Inquiries should be received in all countries where you have lived more than 6 months in the past 10 years.
Note: all documents must be presented in the original or in the form of notarized copies. If the documents are not written in English and not in French, then we will perform translations of these documents in a qualified manner. After submitting an immigration application along with the required documents to the embassy, your documents are considered in absentia by an immigration official who does not know you and the circumstances of your life. He will simply calculate your points, and if you score 67 points, then this will be the basis for opening an immigrant visa to you, naturally, if the authenticity of the submitted documents does not raise questions.

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