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Immigration to Canada in questions and answers.

Immigration to Canada in questions and answers.
Immigration to Canada is possible on more than 60 programs. To understand some questions, we offer you answers to the most common questions.
1. What is needed to immigrate to the Canadian province of Quebec under the program for entrepreneurs? Quebec Provincial Nomination Program's Business Immigration (Entrepreneur) Category?
This requires the presence of active assets of at least $ 300,000 legally obtained, two years of experience in the last 5 years in a successful commercial enterprise that belongs to the applicant at least 25%. The second option is to acquire at least 25% of the share of one of the Quebec companies, whose value is not less than 100 thousand dollars, and be involved in the management of this company. For this program, up to 31/03/2015, only 500 applications can be submitted.
2. If you graduate from the University of Nova Scotia, then how can you get a residence permit?
After the termination of the Canadian university students can take advantage of such programs, as Skilled Worker stream, Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker Program. I want to add that it is the Canadian Experience Class program that is now the most relevant and popular, because the government in Canada is interested in the fact that immigrated to the country by those who already have the experience of living and working, have a good command of the language, and, therefore, can problems to get settled and to benefit both themselves and society.
3. What are the requirements for immigration under the Canadian Experience Program?
This is a one-year work experience over the last 36 months and language proficiency at the level of the Canadian Language Benchmark 5 or 7. This program is not suitable for those who are interested in Quebec. For this province there is a separate program & # 8212; Quebec Experience Class.
4. Which provinces can be immigrated by regional immigration programs?
In addition to Quebec, where knowledge of French is added to all other requirements, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Yukon have their regional programs.
5. What are the requirements for applicants for immigration under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?
Acceptance of applications for this program is now stopped, and the new rules, and, accordingly, a new welcome will begin to work on April 1, 2015.
6. From what period will the acceptance of applications for the immigration investment program begin? Investisseurs du Quebec?
Acceptance of applications for this program will begin from 5 to 3.
January 2015.
7. What are the requirements for a resume for a job in Canada?
Your resume is the key to finding a job in Canada. Employers across Canada are accustomed to seeing the candidate's personal data and work experience will be presented in a special way, so it is very important that the format of your CV is Canadian-style. Your resume should not be more than two pages long and include:
In general, career goals;
Achievements in career and glare;
Volunteer experience, if applicable; and.
Information on professional attestation is achieved, if applicable.
In addition, this document should be aesthetically attractive, correctly and uniformly formatted and grammatical errors. This should go without saying that the information should be 100% actually accurate. Employers and recruiters can spend only 20 seconds reading the resume, so the goal is to hit them quickly, while remaining honest. The CanadaVisa Resume Builder Tool allows you to create custom resumes that you can use to bring your job search to the next level, and land that all important interviews.
8. Where can I get professional advice on immigration to Canada?
A lot of agencies can offer you their services - for a fee. But if you plan to live in Canada, it's time to learn English already. In this case you will be able to visit the official website of the Ministry of Immigration of Canada. & # 8212; news about immigration to Canada. & # 8212; website of the Ministry of Immigration of Canada.
9. Is it necessary to take biometric data for obtaining a visa to Canada?
Yes, it is implemented since September 4, 2013 and costs 85 dollars.
10. Representatives of which countries can apply for a visit to Canada under the program "Travel and Century" & # 8212; "Travel and Work in Canada" (simultaneously travel and work)?
The list of countries includes Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Japan, Ireland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Korea, Greece, Croatia, Korea and other

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