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Immigration to Brazil.

Immigration to Brazil.
Immigration to Brazil.
Brazil is one of the most attractive countries on the planet. There is everything from a beautiful climate to a stable economy. At present, many people want to immigrate to this country, but this is not possible for all. After all, it is impossible to take everyone who wants to move to one of the most beautiful places on the planet, so the country has rather strict immigration laws. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of immigrants tend to settle in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, because of their great popularity with tourists, as well as ease of employment with almost any specialty.
The most real way to move to Brazil is business immigration. Oddly enough, this type of immigration is one of the cheapest, compared to similar ways of immigration to other, less popular countries. To immigrate to Brazil in this way, you need to invest only fifty thousand US dollars, and with this money you can both open your own business and invest it in an existing enterprise operating in the country.
Immigration for family reunification is also possible, but here it is either the arrival of the children to the parents or vice versa, or the invitation by one of the spouses already having Brazilian citizenship, the other. That is, you can invite only the closest relatives, while vouching for their content, in the case of the incapacity of the future citizen of Brazil. To get a full citizenship, you need to live in the country for four years, not going anywhere during this time.
In the case of marriage between a Brazilian citizen and a citizen of another state, she is automatically assigned a residence permit, which can be revoked in the event of a divorce. In the event that the spouses do not divorce and live together for the same four years, then the citizenship of that country is given to it.
Among other things, many people want to immigrate to Brazil, because this event does not require a lot of money. The cost of real estate in the country is much lower, compared with Russia. For example, in Moscow, a two-room apartment in the center of the city costs from two hundred and fifty to four hundred thousand US dollars, while a large house with a swimming pool and a garage in one of the best areas of Rio de Janeiro costs about two hundred thousand reales, which equals approximately one hundred and twenty five thousand US dollars. In addition to the relatively low prices for real estate, Brazil has very liberal taxes, which allow you to receive from any business a much larger income than in most other countries.
Also, immigration to Brazil is possible for people who were born outside the country, but at least one of whose parents is a Brazilian citizen. However, such people do not need to wait for citizenship for four years, they just have to apply to the immigration service, which confirms their intention to move to a permanent residence in Brazil.
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