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Immigration to Austria.

Immigration to Austria.
A lot of interesting things can be told about Austria by its inhabitants and the tourists who are genuinely in love with the country: firstly, it is a tourist "Mecca" for fans of active winter recreation and lovers of historical and cultural attractions. Secondly, the homeland of the "father" of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis and the pleiad of great composers - Mozart, Haydn, List, Schubert and Strauss. Thirdly, a civilized European country with an efficient economy, highly developed industry, transport infrastructure and agriculture. This is the last fact and is fundamental for all those who are ready to make a fateful decision on immigration to Austria. The benevolence of the Austrians and respect for the environment, which provides a favorable ecological situation, are additional bonuses for potential immigrants.
Immigration to Austria is not available to everyone, tk. Immigration legislation of the country is not quite typical. On the one hand, the authorities are fairly loyal to recognized refugees, many of whom use Austria as a transit point. On the other hand, a child born on the territory of a country in a family of foreigners does not become her citizen by default. Not bad in Austria, large investors are willing to invest at least 8 million euros in a privileged fund or donate to the charity amount of 2 million euros. They can obtain dual citizenship within a year. The usual term of naturalization is 10 years of residence in the country, the maximum - 30 years.
Ways of immigration to Austria.
Consider all the current methods of obtaining permanent residence in Austria, and in the future and citizenship.
Refugees. Persons immigrating this way, quickly and without delay receive a passport of an Austrian refugee, as well as legal assistance, temporary work, food and medical care. In the future 70% of them move to permanent residence in other countries.
Obtaining a work permit. Despite the fact that competition in the Austrian labor market is quite high, there are several programs for foreign specialists in the country: signing a contract for work in a certain organization or firm, appointing a key manager in a company established in Austria to hire special public interests, seasonal work, business trips. Working visa is issued for a period of 6 to 12 months, after which it must be renewed. Spent for the benefit of the country for five years have the right to receive a release document, which provides the same labor rights as the Austrians.
Family immigration. This method is available to spouses and joint children of citizens of the country or foreigners already living on its territory, provided that one of three requirements is met:
joint life lasts not less than a year, the residence time of one of the spouses in the country is more than four years; joint life lasts at least two years, with one of the spouses permanently residing in Austria for more than three years; the couple live together for at least five years.
Foreigners who have a residence permit and who wish to be reunited with the family must take into account that for obtaining residence permits for members of their families there are certain quotas. If a child is born in Austria, he has the chance to become an Austrian citizen after 4-6 years of permanent residence in the country.
Immigration programs for financially independent persons.
Residence permit for secured foreigners (financially independent persons) living on income from investments and deposits placed in other countries. This way of immigration to Austria can take advantage of the lucky ones who earned a round sum for a comfortable old age. It is enough for them to have real estate in the country and an insurance policy guaranteeing full coverage. In addition, you need to show an account statement in an Austrian or other bank that has worldwide recognition. The minimum amount of money stored on it is calculated taking into account the number of family members: the adult must have at least 85 thousand euros, the child - 45 thousand euros. This residence permit is also quoted.
Immigration to Austria through investment. Businesses investing 8 million euros in a special government fund, the country accepts as the closest relatives: Austrian citizenship is formalized almost instantly, without bureaucratic red tape. Investors willing to part with 2 million euros, investing in the real sector of the economy, also have preferences. For example, they do not need to know German at a high level.
In addition to the ability to make good money by providing a decent standard of living for your family, Austrian citizens can not only travel freely around the world, but also live in any state that is part of the European Union. That is why emigration to Austria is a desire of many people all over the world and enjoys special popularity among immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. And, perhaps, you are unlikely to encounter negative feedback about life in this country.
To my regret, it's more difficult to move to Austria than to Germany. But Austria likes me much more, and there are no problems with migrants. Everything is very comfortable.
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