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Immigration to America from Kazakhstan

Immigration to America from Kazakhstan
So the idiot's dream came true, as Ostap Bender said - I won Green Card. Prior to this, I submitted three times to Green Card, the first time was unsuccessful, since the photo did not meet the lottery standard. The second time has already done everything right, but did not pass. The third time I served without any illusions and hopes of success, but of course there was a weak hope. Here I would like to say that I often visited my thoughts to leave my native land, namely, already in the year 2005-2006, I wanted to either go study or live. I was born in the 80's and found the Soviet time a bit, then the dashing 90's and other delights of the transition period, study, work, everything is like everyone else. Over time, these thoughts were no longer so intrusive and eventually became aware that in Kazakhstan, too, in principle, not bad. I had a good job, I did not earn much, but I had enough to say "bread with butter and cheese". Life seems to be fine, but there was a feeling that there was something wrong and we were going somewhere wrong. There was a feeling that we were framed, everyone seems to dance and sing and live "from salary to salary", "from credit to credit", like there is happiness, but it's some kind of strange. I belonged to a layer of "middle class", that is, those who prefer to live in their own world, and what happens behind the perimeter of me somehow touches little, as they say "hut with the edge." Then there was irritation, anger, helplessness and apathy in the end and I realized that there would not be another way for now. But it's not even that, but that at some point it seemed that some stagnation had come in life, like everything, everything seems to be right, but I did not move anywhere. When I read the letter of winning, to be honest, I did not immediately understand what I should do with it. At the time, there was a small business, which in principle developed well, but behind divorce. The thoughts began in the style of "to go", "not to go." Although the win itself does not guarantee that you will receive a visa and it seemed to me that now they will not give me a visa. In the beginning, the arguments boiled down to "not going." I began to frantically read the stories of immigrants, ask friends who visited "there" and what they feel and impressed. Began to consult, but eventually realized that the decision is certainly for me, this is my life and for me no one will decide anything.
I decided that it is necessary to submit documents first, but suddenly "do not give" a visa, suddenly something will be wrong, but still decided that it is better to try than not to try. At the same time I was engaged in my own affairs and did ordinary business, nothing particularly strained. I started the process, began to collect documents, I learned everything, I have the good of English, I could read and express myself almost freely and everything in the process was clear. After I submitted the documents, I waited for the notification for the interview to the consular section. By the time the country was shuffling like we say "crisis" and then I finally realized that we were moving in the wrong direction and not with those. Thoughts that I will leave, was not so delusional, and still, if you give a visa, you should try to go.
A letter came, set the date for the interview, all the documents were collected and went in the morning as they said. I stood there for a long time, I went to the consul and thought he would torment me with questions about why and why. In practice, everything turned out to be much simpler, the interview lasted a minute or two, a couple of questions where I go and what I will do and that's all. Left and the next day already given a visa. There was joy and embarrassment in one bottle, now I realized that everything is not for fun, but you can actually leave and give all the same to Green Card.
For a start, I decided to go and see what yes how. Exploration of battle, but suddenly not like it? I went. The good I have in America are friends, new and old, either at work or when I knew, but have not seen it for a long time. He picked up the contacts and the friend agreed to shelter me while I wait for the documents, for which he has separate rakhmet. In general, it was fun. I flew to Washington, because there were a couple of friends and friends, I decided to look there. Washington I liked, a city where there is not even a million inhabitants, but still the capital. Walked around the city, watched, everything was interesting - people, life, roads, architecture and stuff. I've never spent more than 10 days outside the Motherland, but here I came for a month. I wanted to decide where to live better, also planned a trip to California.
After a week in Washington, decided to go to New York, there were also friends and acquaintances and wanted to talk with them and talk with them. On the way there met our Kazakhs, who are there in their work or on vacation. All the impressions from America were positive, everyone liked everything in general. I also liked everything, in Washington, but I did not like New York, it's too crowded, although some people might disagree, but the taste and color as they say. New York is a city in which one can come and rest with friends, no more, I did not want to live there. After 10 days in New York, I went to California. Fortunately, friends went there and we decided to make a tour together and I was very lucky in this respect, as there were no other fellow travelers. A good saying - "Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends", is very relevant these days. It's easier and more fun with friends. In Los Angeles was a completely different environment and atmosphere, the sea, the sun, the beach, the film industry, and for some reason a huge number of homeless people, at every turn. So I thought to myself, even though the homeless people are cheerful and friendly. I tried to look at things more or less objectively and make up my opinion about America and ask friends and strangers how they live and why there are so many homeless people in Los Angeles 🙂 I got my answers and understood that everything depends on America from the person and his character, no matter how trite it may sound. Here people can be homeless, if they want, they can work and not bad exist and even get rich. America is a country of individualists in my opinion, it was the first impression.
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"Motherland, let the ugly scream,
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a singer, told about the States and why he returned all the same back.

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