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Immigration to Albania.

Immigration to Albania.
Moving abroad.
Since 2014, Albania is a candidate for joining the ranks of the EU countries, therefore, Ukrainians are attractive enough for immigration. How to legally move to Albania knows
There are several options for immigration to Albania legally:
buying a property; moving to a family; training; Job; business; for marriage.
Immigration for family reasons.
The most difficult and lengthy process of immigration. Not everyone will dare to go through this. The reason is a rather complicated procedure for obtaining residence permit. To be able to reunite with the family, the Albanian must prove his financial preparedness and ability to provide the family for the first time. Foreign spouses register a national visa and come to live in Albania. Another nuance is the irrefutable proof of kinship with an Albanian citizen.
Immigration through investment (housing purchase)
Immigrant from the CIS countries attracts a sufficiently high standard of living amid the low cost of living in the country. Here, small prices for quality products, housing, service and entertainment. Investment from foreigners is also considered the purchase of real estate. But you will get a residence permit if you live in Albania for more than six months for 12 months.
First, residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year, then renewed twice for 2 years. After 5 years of residence in the status of residence permit, you can apply for permanent residence. For comparison: the cost of a one-room apartment in the capital will cost from 30 thousand euros, the coast is more expensive about a half times. If you want to buy an apartment in the suburbs, the prices are 1.5-2 times lower.
This method of immigration for people with money allows not only to live in the country with a claim to European values, but also to rent property during the holiday season to their own compatriots.
Immigration on business.
The conditions for conducting and opening a business in Albania are the most favorable. To register a company with a statutory fund of 1 euro, you need to have up to 400 euros for the collection and services of a notary, as well as a willingness to pay up to 900 euros a year for the maintenance and maintenance of the company. Experts recommend not putting the lowest statutory fund, since the inspection bodies may have questions for you.
If you have from 100 thousand euros and you want to invest in the economy of the country, the citizenship of Albania is awarded as a reward. Dual citizenship in the country is not prohibited, provided that the second country also recognizes it.
Investments in such spheres are welcomed:
For this, the state can get all sorts of attractive "gingerbread".
Immigration to work.
For the employment of an alien subject to 15% unemployment in Albania, the employer will need to try. To issue a package of papers, as well as a work permit, to conclude an employment contract, without which the employee will not be able to obtain a working visa and residence permit. All these problems lead the Albanians to hire employees from local residents. Only in the case of an exceptional need for high-quality services of foreigners, Albanian employers are happy to be harnessed to the job of a citizen of another state.
Without knowledge of Albanian (one of the most difficult European languages), it is not easy to get a job for an alien. There is an option to look for metropolitan international companies that are just looking for employees from among foreigners. Albanians themselves are content with a salary of 350-450 euros a month, the stars from the sky are not enough. In Tirana, you can meet a small number of "lucky", who receive 1000 euros.
In the country experts in the field of engineering (any), IT, realtors are welcome. Foreigners happily find employment in the tourist and hotel business, as this area is rapidly developing.
Albanian authorities, like the European, very carefully check future spouses for fictitiousness of marriage. So be prepared for the most biased interview, where you will ask questions about each other's lives. Albania is an excellent place for a young couple to live, because you can buy a property for an affordable price. Also, living conditions are excellent, low crime. Here you will not meet women in hijabs. Albanian women sort out the Italian fashion, so the city has a lot of bare female legs, covered with mini skirts and short dresses. But along with this "europeanism" there are ancient Muslim customs. For treason, a woman in Albania can be killed, and a man can have mistresses. Such customs are not everywhere, but they are.
Education in higher education as a reason for immigration.
Albanian universities are not very popular with foreigners. If you want to send your child to study in Albania, be prepared to pay 2-6 thousand euros per year for tuition. Foreigners can always count on receiving grants, scholarships and benefits.
The residence permit is issued for the entire period of study.
Residence permit. Entry into the country for a short (C) or long-term (D) visa, registration of residence permit on the spot. The document is issued for a period of 3-24 months, with the right to roll over at the discretion of the authorities. Permanent residence. The five-year status of residence permits, subject to the observance of, among other things, migration laws of the country, gives the right to registration of permanent residence. Citizenship. On the passport of an Albanian citizen you can apply after 5 years of permanent residence in the country. At the same time, one should not have problems with the law and know the state language.
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