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Illegal immigration to the United States: problems and prospects.

Illegal immigration to the United States: problems and prospects.
Illegal immigration in the US: problems and prospects.
In the US today there are about 11 million illegal.
immigrants1. Their numbers are several times higher than those permitted by quotas.
immigration policy indicators2. This problem in the state,
then created by immigrants, gained a new quality when it became obvious,
that society is not able to integrate new foreign flows.
citizens, and the US authorities can not control this process.
Over the past few decades, the problem is illegal.
immigrants has reached menacing for American society and.
state of scale. Successive presidents in time.
election campaigns promised to solve the problem of illegal.
immigration, but under the influence of the logic of electoral cycles more often.
Not the cardinal decisions were proposed, but temporary measures. Complexity.
situation is due to the fact that illegal immigrants create a whole.
are one of the main challenges for the American state.
Attempts to take partial measures in this area, such as.
amnesty of illegal immigrants, had a short-term effect. AT.
present to federal, regional and local authorities.
The United States needs to address the issue of illegal immigrants.
in principle. Development of an effective set of measures aimed at.
solution of this problem, it seems extremely difficult to force.
excessive politicization of the problem, lack of political parties.
clear positions, as well as an opposite attitude to this problem.
side of business and the state.
This paper examines the main problems of the American.
society and the state, connected with illegal immigration in the USA.
Formally, the issue of immigration refers to federal jurisdiction.
The federal government has already passed laws on several occasions.
by-laws regulating certain immigration issues.
legislation. So, in 1986, President Reagan was signed.
Law on Immigration Reform and Control, granting the right to.
Immigration amnesty for illegal workers employed in agriculture.
sector, arrived in the United States before January 1, 1982 and lived in the country.
continuously. This norm was used by 2.7 million people. Attempts.
to adopt similar laws were repeated in 2006-2007, but without success.
However, in general, the federal government did not offer any.
a set of measures to regulate this issue. In the absence of action.
The federal center was engaged in this problem by legislative bodies.
bordering on Mexico states experiencing the main.
the impact of flows of illegal immigrants.
about the strengthening of control over illegal immigration, which caused.
contradictory responses to it from political parties and.
the general public of the USA. After that, the question is illegal.
Immigration took center stage in the political life of the United States. AT.
Arizona, according to the Ministry of Homeland Security, as well.
the official authorities of Arizona, in January 2009 there were about 460 000.
illegal immigrants3. Although the number of illegal immigrants decreased, by.
compared with the January 2008 indicator (560,000 illegally staying.
on the territory of the state of persons), the scale of the problem has not changed. Through Arizona.
pass the main routes of carriers and guides of illegal ones.
immigrants, drug trafficking and arms smuggling. In this state, as in.
a drop of water, reflected the whole complex of problems associated with illegal.
Supporters of the law signed by the governor state that.
The entry into force of this act will allow the police to deal more effectively with.
illegal immigration, which reached colossal in Arizona.
scale. Opponents of the law, which fixed strict measures in relation to.
illegal immigrants, are convinced that this will only untie the hands of the police.
and the rights of immigrants will be violated at every turn. In addition, the law.
will contribute to the growth of xenophobia and incitement of race-ethnicity.
The adoption of the law has already become the cause of protests and critical.
statements as politicians and party functionaries, natives of the environment.
immigrants, and representatives of foreign states: Guatemala and.
Mexico. After the passage of the law, the San Francisco City Assembly, where.
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