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If your application for a visa to Canada is approved by the Embassy.

If your application for a visa to Canada is approved by the Embassy.
So, the main event that you were expecting all the time has finally happened: you received a letter informing you of the decision to issue you a permanent resident visa! The wait is over! You can get a visa.
If your case is approved, the embassy will issue to you and your family members a permanent resident visa for Canada. In fact, you will receive a confirmation of permanent resident status and the visa itself. Confirmation of Permanent Residence confirmation includes your personal data, photo, and also it contains the date to which you must enter Canada. Upon receipt, double-check the information in this document and verify that there are no errors. Everything must match the information in your passport. If you find a mistake, contact the embassy.
What is a Permanent Resident Visa?
Permanent Resident Visa is an official document that allows the holder to move around freely and work in Canada. A permanent resident visa gives the holder rights and privileges comparable to Canadian citizens. A person who has lived in Canada for three years as a permanent resident can apply for Canadian citizenship.
What is the procedure for receiving a visa?
The validity of the visa is specified in this document itself, usually it is 1 year from the date of receipt of medical forms. The remaining time (about 8-10 months) should be enough for you to settle all your affairs at home and prepare for the move.
You and your family members are required to come to Canada and present your visas to an immigration officer at the airport before the expiry of the visa, otherwise the visa will be overdue, and you will have to reapply the entire package of documents and pay all fees.
If immigration changes in your marital status have occurred (marriage, divorce, death of a family member, birth of a child), you must inform the immigration authorities about it.
When, you arrive in Canada, you must present all your documents to the immigration and customs officers, they will instruct you about the completion of the formal landing procedure. After that, you and your family members will receive the status of immigrants (landed immigrants) and confirm your status as permanent residents of Canada. The main significance of this stage is that after landing, your permanent resident visa will receive an indefinite status, that is, it can not expire.
When do I need to arrive in Canada after receiving a visa?
How long after receiving a visa to come to Canada is your decision. You can fly to Canada as early as the next day, or you can postpone this step for 7-9 months. In any case, you need to arrive in Canada before the expiry of the visa, otherwise you will have to start anew the entire immigration process to Canada.
What if I or my family members do not have the opportunity to go to Canada before the expiration of the validity of visas?
It is permissible, when members of your family stay in Canada after the main applicant, but in any case before the expiration of the validity of visas. Note that family members can not arrive in Canada before the main applicant.
Remember that the validity of a permanent resident visa can not be extended. If the visa expires before arriving in Canada, it becomes invalid.
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