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Hungary: employment issues for Russians.

Hungary: employment issues for Russians.
The desire to live and work in Hungary will encounter a number of difficulties. The first is Hungarian itself, which does not belong to the Slavic group and will be difficult for Russians. However, his knowledge is one of the most important conditions for obtaining acceptable work in the country. The second problem is the fact that work in Hungary is granted to an alien only if it does not interest Hungarians.
Problems of employment of foreigners.
To hire a foreign national, a Hungarian company must have permission from a service that is engaged in employment.
Hungarian labor legislation, protecting the rights of its citizens, has formed a certain procedure that allows a foreigner to take up a job only if there is no interest from the local.
The company applies for a vacancy, and the employment service searches for an employee among Hungarians during the calendar month. Only in the absence of a specialist in the country, the company gets permission to recruit a foreigner for this job. For employment, the foreigner will require a visa "D", which entitles him to live in the country for two years and work. There is also the prospect of obtaining a residence permit, later - permanent residence, and then citizenship.
Open your business.
Hungary's legislation encourages investment in the economy of its country. To simplify the process of involving foreign investors in the business for employees of Hungarian enterprises, it is envisaged that, in the course of time, residence permits, as well as in other EU countries, can be obtained.
Commercial enterprises are registered in Hungary through the permission of registration courts on the ground, before applying to which certain preparatory measures should be taken.
First of all, you need to determine the type of property. Typical properties in Hungary are:
Kft is an analogue of CJSC; Rf is an analog of JSC; Bt - partnership with limited liability of the parties; Kkt - partnership without limitation of responsibility.
To collect the necessary documents to start a business in Hungary, it will take at least a week.
The registration court should be provided with:
articles of association; Forms containing samples of signatures of all directors; the name of the organization performed in the state (Hungarian) language; list of types of classes; originals and copies of personal documents of the owners of the company.
Free legal support by phone:
8 (800) 775-65-04 (the call is free)
In case of a positive decision of the registration court, the new firm is assigned two numbers:
Buy a business.
Sometimes it is more cost-effective not to open a business from scratch - there is always an opportunity to purchase an existing one.
To invest money it is important not to make a mistake and choose a promising industry. They can be safely referred to energy, agriculture and transport.
Perspective is the traditional business of Hungary for the production of vegetable products by the method of shock freezing or the sphere of tourism and recreation.
The purchase of a ready-made company in Hungary is no different from a similar action in any other country. First of all, you should make sure the legal purity of the proposed transaction, as well as study the organization's affairs - whether there is no collateral, implicit debts or other problematic moments. A mandatory requirement for the purchased enterprise is the fact of work at the time of sale.
A profitable occupation in Hungary, and in Budapest in particular, is the service sector of tourists:
After all, tourists visit Hungary year-round, with the largest peak in the summer months. But in other months, famous healing springs and thermal waters attract tourists.
Employment of employees.
If you do not have the opportunity to open your business, you should really assess your chances as a specialist in your industry and act accordingly. In any case, it is necessary to know the Hungarian language, and even better - and English too. Without this, it is simply impossible to get a good job in Hungary.
Having a problem? Call the lawyer:
8 (804) 333-68-85 (the call is free)
Unskilled labor in Hungary exists, as in any other country. And just like everywhere else, it is paid extremely low.
In recent years, the number of unemployed is growing in the country, among which almost 40% are young people under 25 years old. At the same time, social assistance to the unemployed for the time being is only 3 months, during which the unemployed are involved in socially useful cleaning of streets. In case of refusal, the unemployed person is deprived of the right to receive benefits.
Social programs.
In Hungary, the social program for supporting the population, both for citizens of the country and for foreigners residing permanently (permanent residence), has no practical differences. In particular, medical insurance, quite expensive at first glance, covers most of the medical services. Social assistance to the population covers all segments of society - from children to pensioners, but this is reflected in tax payments. If in Russia the average amount of insurance payments is about 30%, in Hungary - more than 40%.

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