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How to obtain a residence permit in the USA?

How to obtain a residence permit in the USA?
With green card, you can work, study, drive a car, buy and sell real estate, as well as apply for citizenship after five years of residence, provided that you pay taxes and were law-abiding.
You can obtain a residence permit in the USA in several ways. Here is a list of those that I know.
Participation in the lottery is absolutely free. Every year, the US government issues thousands of immigrant visas to randomly selected residents of different countries. To participate in the lottery, you must send an application to the official lottery website. However, this method of immigration is one of the most adventurous because the probability of winning the lottery is very small (according to various estimates from 0.67% to 2)
Many people play without result for 10-20 years without winning. However, others are lucky, for example, my friend won the second time)
This type of immigration is available only for highly qualified professionals with experience in the profession. The highest chances for programmers, specialists in the field of high technology, mathematicians, physicists, specialists in the field of natural and technical sciences. You should have a higher education in the relevant position you are applying for. In order to immigrate to the US in this way, you must find an employer who will want to take you to work. I would like to add that the issuance of a work visa costs an employer quite expensive and can last from six months to one and a half years. Therefore, companies go to a working visa very rarely, only if they can not find an appropriate specialist in the United States. After obtaining a work visa, the employer has the right to file documents for granting you a green card (residence permit) as a valuable employee.
In San Francisco, I watch tens of thousands of people who came on a working visa from Russia, China and India in the main, although many Europeans. Talking with hundreds of people who came on a working visa, I found out that many employers are slow to make green cards to their employees. There are employers who act dishonestly for years "exploiting" such an employee, because they pay him 2/3 times less than those who have documents. For example, the average patch of an IT specialist with a local American residence is 200-300 thousand $$$ per year. And the salary of the same specialist for a working visa is 50-100 thousand $$ per year. With this visa is not so simple, there is a contract that must be worked out and a certain time frame. In general, even if you get a working visa, it can take 3/5/10 years to submit to a green card.
You can obtain a residence permit in the United States, through marriage with a citizen or a citizen.
This method is most common among women LOL. After the marriage, you get a temporary green card for a period of 2 years. At the end of this period, you apply for a 10-year green card, but your status is already unconditional. After a while you can apply for citizenship if you are still married to the same citizen, for spouses of US citizens there is an accelerated scheme for obtaining citizenship for 3 years. And if you are already divorced, you can apply for citizenship on the basis of a five-year residency.
This method is successfully used by millionaires all over the world.
In order to develop business and create new jobs, the US government allows immigration of investors. The minimum amount of investment is $ 500,000, the preferred amount is from $ 1 million. If you invest less than 1 million, then you have to invest not where you want, but where you will be indicated by the state. bodies of the USA. Usually these are depressed, agricultural states with a bad economy and high unemployment. If you invest 1 million or more, then you can choose where to invest these funds. It is necessary to create at least 10 jobs for citizens and residents of the United States. In addition, you will need to demonstrate the legal origin of the funds that you are going to invest.
This is possible only if you are persecuted in the country of your residence by the state bodies of the police, the FSB, etc. for your political views. Also, asylum can be granted on the basis of persecution on the basis of nationality or religion. But for obtaining asylum it is necessary to provide:
a) evidence of persecution (for example, information on beatings, etc.)
b) Evidence that the state can not or does not want to protect you from harassment (for example, copies of refusals to initiate criminal proceedings on the fact of beating you, articles in the newspaper about the deceased with you, etc.)
c) evidence that such prosecution is possible in principle in the country of your residence.
This method is intended exclusively for those who are really persecuted at home.
The O1 visa is designed for world-famous scientists, musicians, athletes, cultural figures, etc. EB2-NIW - immigration for people of national interest for the United States. It is necessary to provide evidence that it is in the national interest of the United States to allow you to move. Basically EB2-NiW is suitable for scientists in the fields of natural and technical sciences.
If, for example, someone from your close relatives has US citizenship, then he can file a petition to reunite with you. In a few months or years you will be granted a residence permit as a relative of a US citizen. Most quickly reunite the couple - an average of 9-15 months. Adults for 5-8 years. Reunion of brothers and sisters can take 5-10 years. I want to note that only close relatives are reunited: spouses, parents, siblings. For example: your aunt will not be able to reunite you. She can reunite only her husband, children, siblings.

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