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How to navigate the US: plane, train, bus, car.

How to navigate the US: plane, train, bus, car.
I welcome all readers of the Allmyworld blog and offer you an overview of the main modes of transportation within the United States: low-cost airlines and ordinary companies, intercity buses, Amtrak trains and rented cars & 8212; I hope this article will be useful to someone when planning your independent journey through this most interesting country.
The content of the article.
Frequently flights between US cities can cost less than tickets for a bus or train. In addition, given the size of the country, not everywhere you can get on the bus - and even if you get there, you can hardly then enjoy the sightseeing. So, with a serious trip to the US without an airplane is often not enough, and here the tourist is very much helped by a large number of budget airlines operating in the US market. And almost all the flights of local loukosterov perfectly find the aggregator Aviasales:
If you can not find the necessary tickets through the Aviasales search form, you can try to manually check the websites of companies - perhaps, in this case, you'll be lucky.
Budget airlines in the USA.
� Southwest Airlines - the world's largest low-coster in terms of the number of passengers carried. Flights to the United States, as well as to Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries.
� JetBlue is one of the few budget airlines that can manage to have one of the highest ratings in the US and be called a "4-star airline"
� Alaska Air - cheap flights to Alaska.
� Island Air - cheap flights from the cities of the West Coast to Hawaii.
� Virgin America - the brainchild of the eccentric Richard Branson, a successful combination of low tariffs with an acceptable level of comfort. Specializes in flights between the largest cities of the East and West coasts.
� Fly Frontier - regional American loukoster.
� Spirit Airlines is an American budget company, according to my personal impressions, its employees are excessively jealous of the passengers' compliance with baggage restrictions. In the rest everything is OK.
� Sun Country - and another low-cost airline in the US.
� WestJet is a Canadian low-coster, except for Canada it also flies to the USA and the Caribbean. The country's second largest air carrier, performs more than 380 daily flights to airports in Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.
Intercity buses in the USA.
In the short trips around the United States, intercity buses are inferior in popularity only to private cars and far ahead of trains. Bus terminals in the US are quite comfortable and modern, to the minuses I would only attribute that they are often located in not the most prosperous areas - such as the terminal of the bus company Grayhound in Los Angeles. Before boarding the bus, passengers and their belongings are carefully inspected - as in airports (and in Mexico, all the passengers are also photographed - in the States before this did not come up).
Passenger seat on the Grayhound bus.
In America there are several national bus companies and countless small regional carriers. In the category of nationwide companies, Greyhound is no doubt the leader - once it was the world's largest bus operator in terms of the number of cars on the routes. By buses Greyhound (they are easily identified by the emblem with a running hound on board) you can get to almost any place where people basically live. And if their buses do not go there, then, most likely, you do not have to go there either 🙂
In addition to Greyhound, I would also mention the company Megabus, known for its ambitious motto, trips from the $ 1 + $ 0.50 reservation fee. Tickets for the buses of this company can be purchased only on the Internet, landing is carried out upon presentation of a printout with a confirmed payment.
A good and reasonably cheap alternative to Greyhound buses are small transport companies, originally created to serve Chinese community representatives in the US and, as a rule, run by ethnic Chinese. At first, the network of such carriers was covered only by cities, where a significant number of Chinese and other Asians live and offered tickets at prices 2-3 times lower than those of respectable competitors. Gradually, the service has tightened up, the reputation has settled, and now the buses of such carriers are used far not only by the Chinese - including the author of these lines.
As a rule, "Chinese" buses depart from Chinatown of large American cities. On the most popular routes, buses run every hour (for example, on the New York line, Washington or New York, Boston), on others - 2-4 times a day (Atlanta & Miami, Los -Angeles & # 8212; San Francisco, Detroit & # 8212; Chicago). Approximate cost of travel can be estimated: it is formed in approximate accordance with the formula "5 $ for every 100 kilometers of the way." To the disadvantages of such carriers can be attributed frequent delays and often the inability to buy a ticket in advance on the Internet or on the site just before boarding. In addition, many of the "Chinese" carriers do not have their own bus terminals (as opposed to the same Greyhound) and put the people on the corner of some street with some avenue somewhere in the Chinatown & # 187; . However, the landing site can usually be found on the website of the relevant carrier - if it has a website at all. Below I quote a small list of "Chinese" companies, with whom I went myself and stayed after that alive and well:
Chinatown Bus (
Those interested can obtain more detailed information on the website of the Chinese Diaspora in New York:
In addition to the already mentioned Greyhound, Megabus and Chinese, interesting for the price and geography of the offer can also be found at Peter Pan (, Boltbus ( and the company with the fun name Tripperbus ( - these carriers often arrange promo-actions, when the ticket for long-distance flight can be bought for $ 1.
Trains to the USA.
In the US, railway passenger transportation is handled by the state-owned company Amtrak (abbreviated from American Tracks) - a type of Russian Railways. There are also small private railway operators, but for long distances Amtrak is a monopolist.
The queue before boarding a train in Philadelphia.
The federal railway network in the United States is divided into three main zones - Western Routes, Midwestern Routes and Eastern Routes, most of the trains are regional and move within these zones, there are also a small number of trains crossing all three zones and plying through the whole country - from the West to the East coast and back.
Book and pay for the Amtrak train ticket on the official website of the company
Rent a car in the USA.
The car is best to rent directly at the airport of arrival - it will be more profitable than in the city. Most companies give machines to tenants no younger than 25 years. Renting the smallest car in the US costs about $ 50 plus $ 10 insurance per day, on weekends and during summer holidays (July-August), prices are rising by about a third. Therefore, practical New Yorkers, going on a trip around the country in a rented car, do this: move in an electric train through the Hudson to New Jersey, where rent costs an average of a quarter less. Renting a car, it is necessary to fill up the tank - otherwise for each missing gallon you will be kept in double size.
You can book a car for travel around the USA here:
Comfortable travel to the USA!
Your Roman Mironenko.
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