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How to move to Warsaw and open your nightclub.

How to move to Warsaw and open your nightclub.
You've probably heard stories about how successful people before they became so, abandoned their universities to start their own business. Your attention is offered just such a story. Meet - Anton Shapovalov. In his 23 he managed to leave two universities and open a nightclub under the name (and at the same address) "Koshikova 55", which is located in the center of Warsaw.
"Initially, after finishing school in Kiev, I planned to study in the Czech Republic, but the circumstances developed so that it was too difficult to get the documents. Therefore, I chose a country that is a little closer, bordering Ukraine - Poland. I submitted the documents and entered the university. First, at the University of Lazar at the Faculty of International Relations, then I transferred to another university - Vistula. I also did not finish it, I dropped out of school and started doing business. I decided that I would return to the university again only after I started working, and I will study what will suit me, unlike those who first learn and only then look for work. "
How did you get the idea to open a nightclub?
"Before that, I and my team were engaged in catering and outsourcing hookah services. We were among the first to start promoting the Ukrainian vision in this area. We worked in different institutions - restaurants, clubs. Later we came to the conclusion that it was necessary to open something of its own and take its place at any cost. We plunged into the world of club and restaurant business, saw a few other aspects that we would like to implement, and subsequently moved away from the concept of hookahs. We found investors, partly invested their money and opened this place. "
What resources are needed to open an institution in the center of Warsaw?
"First and foremost, you need a good team. Most of the things in the club we made with our own hands. We did not hire any super-cool design companies. We ourselves kneaded concrete, painted the walls, slept here. We saved on what it was possible. Basically, the most money is invested in repair and design. We in this plan have a little crooked, have made all more budgetary that has helped us to start to function. The main thing that is needed in this work is unreal faith. This is a nervous and emotional work, there are always conflicts, there are problems that need to be resolved quickly. "
How was this done in terms of interaction with the authorities?
"In Poland, in this regard, it is not so difficult to obtain the necessary permits. Everything is much more complicated in Ukraine. There things are solved in a well-known way. In Poland there is a bureaucracy, it is necessary to spend a lot of time in different "strikes", but here everything is much easier than in Ukraine. In order to make the necessary documents for opening, we needed one and a half to two months. "
How much money do you need to open a nightclub in the center of Warsaw?
"A lot [laughs]. In fact, very much, ranging from 60 to 100 thousand dollars. This is the minimum that you need to find and invest. Fortunately, there are many people in Poland who are ready to invest in interesting, daring projects. "
To build a club is only half the battle. It is much more difficult to keep it afloat. It depends a lot on the art director. It is he who determines the product that the club will offer. On how to make a nightclub interesting for the Polish audience, says art director "Koshikova 55" Kostya Galyko, who came to Warsaw from Kiev:
"The story of my acquaintances who have achieved success in different spheres is very simple - there was no such product that would satisfy them in quality, in appearance, in price and so on. My story is very similar - I lived in Warsaw, it would seem, the European capital, but I did not have enough space where I would like to go. I did not like either the institution, or the state of this institution, its location, people. I always did not like something. Quite by chance I was given the opportunity to make a place that I liked and my team liked. "
"Not until the end. There is always something to strive for. But Warsaw accepted us very well. We hear a lot of positive feedback, we have a lot of likes on Facebook. Our guests, foreign artists, sometimes world legends, thank us for the opportunity to speak here. They like everything - the place and the people who are gathering here. I think this is an indicator that we are moving in the right direction. "
The team of the club "Koshikova 55" employs both Ukrainians and Poles, and they perfectly coexist. The manager and co-founder of the club Bartlomie Korbel will not let you lie:
"We wanted to create an institution that would meet our needs, where we ourselves would like to go, where we would like to meet. I have a very positive experience working with my friends from Ukraine. We have complete mutual understanding and agreement. The beginning of our new project is laid, we have an excellent vision and, I am sure, prospects. This place has only just begun to develop, and I hope that everything will be even better. "
We also hope that all the guys will continue to receive, and their club will continue to increase popularity and expand its audience. Will be in Warsaw - do not forget to glance: 55 Kosichova Street.

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