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How to move to the UAE for permanent residence.

How to move to the UAE for permanent residence.
Today millions of tourists managed to visit the territory of Dubai. It has long been classified as a world-class resort. And the rest here is attractive for the inhabitants of all age categories. Many people, after returning home after a quality, comfortable time on the sun-drenched beaches of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, get acquainted with the local exotic, begin to seriously plan to move to the UAE for permanent residence. However, the legislative base of the Emirates has many requirements for foreign settlers, and therefore it will be difficult to bypass all possible pitfalls on its own.
How to move to the Emirates.
The company takes exceptional care of each of its customers, as it values its impeccable reputation and sincerely wishes that moving to a new place, a period of adaptation, does not cause any negative emotions to the clients. The company obligatorily allocates an individual manager. It is this professional, having a colossal experience, the employee will take care of all the accompanying documentation, bureaucratic problems, accompanying the client literally until the last minutes of moving to a new region.
The main reasons for emigration.
A lot of people today are tormented by the question of how to move to the UAE for permanent residence. The cities of the Emirates are becoming more popular among Ukrainian inhabitants. Today almost everyone who managed to visit the luxurious resort of Dubai at least once, dreams to move here forever. At the same time, there are many reasons for this, and the main thing is not the presence of a year-round beach holiday:
Emirates can rightly be called a practically safe state. Thanks to the strictest laws, the death penalty, and the perfectly established work of law enforcement agencies, the UAE has no corruption and no crime. A warm, comfortable climate for those who prefer the summer months and is in deep depression during the long winter. Quite a hot year in this unique region all year round. However, the authorities show exceptional concern for the population. Conditioners here are installed literally at every step, and, according to statistics, for each resident they account for at least three. Some people dream of moving to the UAE for permanent residence because of an advantageous taxation system. Residents of the Emirates are almost completely exempt from paying all kinds of duties. However, the state does not remain in the red. The Treasury is quite efficiently replenished due to systematic reforms and improvement of the economy.
Emirates can be called a real paradise for offshore investors. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian entrepreneurs plan to move to Dubai, wanting to develop their business quickly and successfully, provide the family with a decent life, comfortable conditions, and, most importantly, complete safety of their relatives, which is an important factor.
Ways of moving.
To emigrate to the UAE, like any other country in the world, you can find many ways. However, it must be remembered that illegal residence on the territory of another's state, all kinds of fraudulent actions against the legislation of the country can lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, those who seriously pondered the question of how to move to the UAE for permanent residence from Russia, the experts of the leading company "Dovira", recommend to apply exclusively to reliable, honest companies dealing with emigration issues.
Moving to Dubai becomes possible after the acquisition of real estate on its territory. However in this case it is necessary to spend more than 250 thousand dollars. And the owner of the purchased housing receives a visa of the resident for a period of three years only. She gives the right to live in the Emirates, but finding employment will still be problematic. The most preferable option for moving is the opening of your own business. The majority of entrepreneurs appreciated the opportunity to establish a company in a free economic zone - the absence of state tariffs, taxes, and also quite acceptable legislative base.

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