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How to move to Russia for permanent residence: procedure, documents.

How to move to Russia for permanent residence: procedure, documents.
Russia is a large and powerful state, in which many migrants come every year. Anyone who wishes to stay in the country for a long time, must first obtain a RVP, and then a residence permit. Living in the territory of the state must be legal, otherwise the person will not have any rights, and also risk being expelled from the Russian Federation. Therefore, any of those who decided to move must pass all the mandatory state procedures. Then a person will have the opportunity to find permanent residence in Russia, and then, if desired, qualify for citizenship. Without this, he can not stay in the country for a long time. But first you need to find out what is permanent residence in Russia.
What is permanent residence?
Permanent residence is a permanent residence. It is issued to those who have already obtained a residence permit, as well as residence permit. Foreigners who have permanent residence obtain rights that are almost equivalent to the privileges of Russian citizens. Therefore, it is important to get a permanent place of residence in Russia for those who are going to stay in the country for a long time.
People with permanent residence have the following rights:
They can legally reside on the territory of Russia. At the same time, they will not have to constantly renew the residence permit. Have the opportunity to use medical services free of charge. They can go abroad if necessary, without having to issue the documents required for ordinary migrants for this purpose. They are allowed to receive social benefits, as well as the privileges that Russian citizens have. It is allowed to start own business on the territory of the country. If necessary, you can apply for a loan for business development.
Get permanent residence can be both a foreign citizen and a stateless person. But it is worth considering that people with this status have some limitations. For example, a person can not stand for election, and also vote. In addition, in some organizations it will not be possible to obtain a high post. It will not be possible to become a pilot of civil aviation or get a job in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. By the way, people with permanent residence do not call for service in the Russian army. But then every person must decide for himself, plus this or a minus.
Of course, a foreigner who has a permanent residence in the Russian Federation will have obligations to the country. First, he must comply with the law and not commit crimes. Secondly, it is obliged to pay taxes. Third, he will be required to respect the local traditions and customs. In this case, the one who decided to move to Russia, there will be no problems with the government.
How to get?
Those who decided to move to Russia, will have to go through a difficult path to permanent residence. You can get it only after several stages. It is worthwhile to examine in detail how the path from a regular migrant to a person who has a permanent place of residence passes.
To begin with, an alien must legally cross the Russian border. Some may need to first apply for a visa. It can be of different types, for example, tourist, working. Everything depends on the purpose for which a person goes to the country. Those who live in the CIS countries do not need a visa. They can go to Russia without preliminary registration of any documents.
At the border itself, you will need to issue a migration card. It is not needed only for those people who have Belarusian passports. The rest must necessarily start it. The migration card is issued for a different period. As a rule, it is 3 months. After that, the card will need to be extended if you want to stay in the country for a while. But it is worth considering that for prolongation it will be necessary to have good reasons.
If a person has planned to move to the country and stay to live in it, then it will be necessary to formalize the RVP. This document will allow for another 3 years to legally reside in the country and at the same time to work. This is really necessary, since without it it will not be legal to be in the RF.
Already after half a year after receiving the RWP, a person will be able to apply for a residence permit. Get a residence permit you need to have the right to live in Russia for 5 years. If necessary, the period can be extended. If a person will officially work, will regularly pay taxes and will not violate local laws, he will be able to obtain permanent residence.
It should be noted that in order to obtain a permanent place of residence, it will be necessary to submit a list of documents. Also, you will need to write an application to the computer and wait until it is reviewed. Apply for permanent residence can only those people who have a permanent home, work and a stable income. It is also important that the candidate does not have a criminal record, and that he is not held criminally liable.
National passport. If there is no passport (for example, a person does not have citizenship), then you can use a residence permit and another identity card. The filled in application. Photos 3 by 4 cm. Should be done in recent times. Requirements for them such as a passport photo. Certificate of criminal record. Certificate and diploma of education. Documents for obtaining any social support (if any). Official papers on children (if any). Military ID. It is only necessary for men of military age. Residence permit and residence permit.
It should be noted that all documents must be genuine and relevant. When providing false official papers, people will not be allowed to stay in Russia for permanent residence. So do not try to deceive the authorities. The same applies to the information provided about yourself. It should be reliable and relevant at the moment.
If everything is in order with the documents, and the person will meet the requirements, then he will be allowed to stay in the country for permanent residence. And in the future he will be able to enter into citizenship, if such a desire arises.

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