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How to move to live in Canada.

How to move to live in Canada.
How to move to live in Canada.
Make sure that you have the right to enter the country.
Before moving to Canada, you must make sure that you are allowed to enter the country. You may be refused relocation for many reasons. The reasons can be the following:
Violation of the norms of international law or human rights Criminal record For health reasons For financial reasons Providing false information Failure to comply with the "Law on emigration and refugee protection" The presence of an unregistered member of the family.
Familiarize yourself with the different categories of residence permits.
To move to Canada, you must submit official documents and obtain a residence permit. Otherwise, your moving and living will be considered illegal, and you yourself can be deported. There are several categories for which you can obtain a residence permit. Such categories include:
Skilled workers and graduates. According to many, this is the most effective way of obtaining a Canadian residence permit. You can apply for this category if you have at least one year of experience in a managerial, professional or specialized field. Immigration officials will consider your age, work experience, education and the field of activity in which you will work.
Immigration program for businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors. Such a visa can be obtained by people who are entrepreneurs, professional investors or have their own business. Investors who have chosen this category of immigration need to have their own capital in the amount of at least 10 million Canadian dollars.
Candidates from the provinces. The residence permit for this program can be obtained when you choose for this purpose any particular Canadian province. However, this happens rarely.
Family sponsorship. According to this category, you can move to Canada, if you already have one of the relatives living there who are willing to sponsor your move.
Immigration program of the province of Quebec. This program is similar to the program "Candidates from the provinces." An exception is that on behalf of the federal government you choose the government of the province of Quebec. It is designed for students, businessmen, seasonal workers, members of Canadian families and refugees who want to move to the province of Quebec.
International adoption. According to the program of international adoption, if Canadian citizens adopt / adopt a child from another country, they will be given a Canadian residence permit.
Refugees. Residence permits can also be issued by people who left their country for reasons of their own security. At the same time, sponsorship is also possible to cover the costs of processing documents and moving to Canada.
Nurse at home. If you are traveling to Canada to care for a resident of this country, then you can apply for this visa.
Immigration program for entrepreneurs. If you work for yourself, then you can apply for a visa for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Know that you will have to prove that your annual income is at least $ 40,000, and that you will continue to earn the same amount living in Canada.

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