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How to move to live in Canada from Russia with the family reviews.

How to move to live in Canada from Russia with the family reviews.
Hello, dear friends. I'm asked to tell about the real stories of people who came with young children (a young family, young children aged 1 to 2 years), and how people in this situation built their lives, how they entered the Canadian realities, how they survived, got accustomed, let's say .
I have such acquaintances; there were situations when there was one small child in the family; there were situations when people came with a 7 to 8-year-old child, in my opinion, and then in Canada one more child was born; it was so that they came with children somewhere 7 years old, 8-year-old; but still enough young children were. And what did people do, how did they build their lives? Naturally, without options in this situation - a man goes to work on any absolutely work, that is, there is not until vypendrezha; no matter who you worked at home, what you had regalia, merit, - you go to any job that you are taken to, because money, as I have said many times, is melting very quickly. In the first month, it is not known where, it is not known how several thousand dollars fly away.
What is more profitable: to buy a house in Canada or rent it? Simple arithmetic.
I said in some of my early videos that, as you know, in the first months you rent here an apartment with bare walls, a refrigerator in the kitchen, cupboards under every kind of jars and a stove-everything. The rest, my friends, you buy yourself for your own money, that is, you buy tables, chairs; a bed for themselves, children; who can not without a TV, buy a TV, because, naturally, you will not be dragging a healthy TV from your home here to Canada, and so on, so the money flies very quickly. People - especially those who come with small money - feel physically in their shoes that all this is wasted, and they run to work at high speed.
I know people who have been hanging out for such work for several years, that is, they could not find another job, because they worked all day at the factory. The man began to work either in the day shift, or at night and until the stop. Naturally, when he comes home after the plant, he is not able to do anything, he just wants to rest, drop his head on the pillow and so on. It was a vicious circle, and he was torn only when his wife got to her feet in which plan: she finished her studies, finished her language, did something else, that is, when the children could already be assigned to someone.
It takes some time, of course, to understand all the realities of the local life, in order to find out the way-outs: where to give the child, with whom it can be left; than to do it yourself, if we are talking about a wife, because wives often move sterile from the point of view of knowledge; it happens the other way around, but very often women come who trainee for their husbands and, accordingly, live by the principle: here I come - I'll sort it out! This is a very common position. In fact, you will not understand anything, and if you understand it, it will take you an enormous amount of time, and during this whole time your whole family will suck their paw, conditionally speaking. Because the income of one person, if he does not occupy a good position, does not work in a large company, it is very difficult to live.
There is a situation when a man works hard at a factory, as a rule, or at some unskilled work. I know people who immediately bought a car immediately and just at night, starting at 8 pm and up to 6 in the morning, were busy driving pizza. A lot of night orders, especially in the center of the city, and, accordingly, people engaged in the fact that they earned themselves, in the long run, on a tip, because the salary is such that it is expensive - it is small. If a family of 4 people, including 2 small children, then, of course, one and a half thousand dollars clean, which you get in your hands, is not enough to remove both housing and current expenses to pay, and children something buy. For this reason people lived at the expense of tips, because, naturally, they are often left to each order. Plus, as I said, the option with the plant. And here somehow they twist, twist, they try to think up something.
Then the situation develops as follows: a woman is finally determined what she wants to do; Spends some time learning the language; and if you knew him, then immediately goes to university to study or after some time, adapting to local realities, begins to look for work. And accordingly, when there is some kind of financial stability, when the family is firmly on two legs, and not on one leg, in such a situation, the husband finally begins to do what he wanted to do initially, to look for the job he wanted to get in Canada initially; or is going to learn, or something else - and life, in principle, is normalized if by that time the family does not scatter because of the problems that arise. In Canada, a huge number of stories related to the fact that the family does not withstand all this stress and run up. A lot of stories, when our immigrants change their wives and husbands among themselves, which is also funny and funny; but also sad, of course.
The second scenario, what can be done to somehow get out of the situation, is the writing out of parents; is issued, as a rule, a grandmother who comes to sit with young children. Mom comes or runs from work or from school, feeds children and takes up other activities. By immigration rules, the grandmother, of course, can not live here endlessly. Grandmothers usually come here for 6 to 8 months, and then leave Canada. But these 6 - 8 months is an help that a woman or a man in a family has enough time to somehow or other to settle down in this life.
Such real stories, real scenarios. It's hard, guys, it's going to be very difficult. But, as I said in one of the videos, do not think about immigration if you have small children. The earlier you arrive, the sooner your child arrives here, the sooner you adapt and the easier your children will be; and even more so many come here for the sake of children. Even if you understand that it will be very bad for you, it is difficult from the point of view of adaptation, for the sake of children, I believe, you can tolerate, so that they are all well. And in the end, you, too, will be all right, because with immigration here our life begins with a clean slate and we can build here absolutely everything that could not be built at home, and even better. Because the opportunities in Canada are not less than at home, and the conditions are much better.
Actually, on this I say goodbye. I hope the question answered, I wish you all the best, and come soon. Bye.
You can emigrate to Canada in a variety of ways, for example:
& mdash; Use the program for skilled workers. To do this, you must meet several requirements: it is good to know English or French, to have higher education, work experience in your specialty, etc.
& mdash; Move through the provincial program, for example, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba or Quebec.
& mdash; Enroll in a Canadian college or language course. You will master a new profession, get local experience and this will help in the future to obtain a Canadian passport.
& mdash; If you do not know how to file documents and want to be sure of the result, contact immigration lawyers. They will help you to immigrate to Canada quickly and in the most beneficial way for you.
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