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How to move to Kyrgyzstan from Russia.

How to move to Kyrgyzstan from Russia.
The Kyrgyz Republic is the land of virgin nature and the highlands of the Tien Shan, crystal clear lakes and fruit abundance. Kyrgyzstan is a classic hospitality and ancient traditions. The color will be envied by Europe, and the tourist flow to the country grows from year to year.
Visiting the state by Russian citizens is visa-free. The main document for crossing the border is the passport. If you want to move to Kyrgyzstan permanently, you will need a residence permit. This process has its own specifics, therefore it is desirable to entrust its implementation to specialists.
Santa Fe Relocation Services has many years of experience in international road transport. We guarantee the exclusive safety of all entrusted property and perfect punctuality. We will carry out transportation of things to Kyrgyzstan and escort during customs inspection. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of your peace of mind, saving time and money. Moving with Santa Fe Relocation Services will be made in a short time and without any hassle.
Business in Kyrgyzstan.
Today, an increasing number of people are moving to Kyrgyzstan to start their own business. The country is actively developing a tourist destination, which is encouraged by local authorities. The government is interested in investing from abroad for the development of IT-technologies and mining complex.
The problem of unemployment is one of the most acute in the Republic, which forces the Government to regulate labor migration. The permit for employment in the country is issued by the State Immigration Agency. Getting it is not easy due to the current shortage of jobs. However, if you are a high-class specialist, there will be no problems with work. Remains to transport things from Russia to Kyrgyzstan and settle down in a new place.
The level of education is quite high in the Republic. There are also many universities. This creates all conditions for the transfer to Kyrgyzstan of potential and active students. Get a residence permit for study in the state is not difficult.
The main factor of the investment attractiveness of the state is the development of industries that produce export products.
Kyrgyzstan: it's interesting.
75% of the state is located in a mountainous area; on the territory of the Republic there is the famous Issyk-Kul ("hot lake"). It ranks second in the world in scale: 170x70 km. It is noteworthy that the inseparable connection of the reservoir with the expanses of the Pacific Ocean has been scientifically proved. The message is carried out by means of underground rivers; in Kyrgyzstan - 8000 km2 of net glaciers, exceeding the ice masses of the Caucasian and Alpine mountains by their area; in the course of the gold mining of Kumter, a sensational archaeological discovery was made - the family burial of the mummies of the pharaohs. The riddle of the arrival of the Egyptian kings in the territory of the Tien Shan is still unsolved; Kyrgyzstan is home to the walnut. Alexander of Macedon took him to Hellas from here; the country produces the world-famous "Kyrgyz honey", recognized as a local strategic raw material; Despite the small arable land, the state is highly developed livestock. Local meat has no competition for flavor and nutritional properties, which is achieved by grazing on mountain lands; until 1926 the capital of Kyrgyzstan was called Bishkek. Later it was renamed "Frunze", since the revolutionary figure was born here. Then came the curiosities. The Kyrgyz language does not contain the letter "f", and the local residents pronounced the name of the capital as "Prunze", which was very inconvenient.
Moving to Kyrgyzstan from Russia.
Santa Fe Relocation Services will help you transport things from Russia to Kyrgyzstan by road. We carry out transportation in both directions. We take full responsibility for the entrusted property. Qualified specialists of the carrier also organize the transfer from Kyrgyzstan, pick up the optimal transport, control all stages of customs clearance.
Cooperation with our company is a guarantee of your peace of mind. Santa Fe Relocation Services will save your nerves, financial resources and precious time.

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