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How to move to Israel and not to screw up. Learn to not step on the popular rake.

How to move to Israel and not to screw up. Learn to not step on the popular rake.
A few useful tips from the Dilyard Leningrader, who was born, looked around - and emigrated.
Over the past decade, Israel has changed a lot. Not being an expert in any field, I simply share my Israeli experience, which can help bypass the popular rake.
Five differences between Israel and Russia.
There are communities for Christians and Muslims.
None of the doctors will not be interested in whether you have paid the minimum installment and how much money you have in your account. Saving lives is an absolute priority, even if you do not have insurance.
5. In Israel, do not celebrate the New Year. This is a normal working day. New Year brought with them emigrants from the USSR. Before them nobody heard about this holiday or it was almost forbidden. This is due to Judaism, which considers the Christmas tree a symbol of Christian Christmas. In recent years, with the development of the Internet, the Israelis began to understand the difference between the Soviet New Year and Christmas, but before the mass celebration of the New Year is very far, since the Christmas tree we love continues to cause protests from ultra-religious Jews.
How to move to Israel and not to screw up.
1. Make sure that your profession is in demand in Israel and you do not have to leave it in order to join the ranks of orderlies with a higher education in French philology.
Israel is a country of high-tech, doctors, nurses, builders and technicians. All the others are in it insofar as.
The Israelis speak English well, but without Hebrew you will not go any further than sweeping the streets. All qualification confirmation courses will have to be handed in Hebrew: from nursing to technical ones.
Housing in Israel is incredibly expensive, more expensive than in Moscow or London. If you are not a millionaire, you can not buy an apartment and will take it for a very long time. The removal of apartments is also not very cheap. Prepare to give the first years of all earnings for rental housing is not a luxury class.
4. Visit Israel as a tourist, but do not confuse tourism with emigration.
Joyous eastern faces, hubbub, specific food, religion, absence of usual holidays, lack of snow, shamelessness, unessentialness, unpretentiousness in clothes and eternal heat - will they please you in the same way three months later, when you cease to be a tourist?

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