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How to move to Cyprus getting a residence permit.

How to move to Cyprus getting a residence permit.
Cyprus is a hot sun, clean sand and a generally pleasant climate. The Republic is attractive not only for tourists, but also for life. The residence permit in Cyprus for Russian citizens is easy to obtain.
In addition to the climatic conditions, the infrastructure, quality education, good food products and much more are well developed here. But the most important is a large number of Russian speakers, which is quite pleasing to our citizens.
It does not happen over the chur too hot or too cold. Clean local ecology does not leave indifferent. A season for swimming in the Mediterranean Sea begins in April, and ends in November.
Since in itself it is not a large island, it is not difficult for the local police to monitor the level of crime. Therefore, the design of residence permits and the whole of northern Cyprus, is considered one of the most profitable and safe places to stay.
The tax system here is quite attractive, as the republic considers it profitable for itself to attract foreign investments. Also not a high cost for local real estate, which is of significant quality.
And of course the language. It will not be difficult for a Russian person to find a Russian-speaking friend here. After all, the percentage of speakers in Russian is quite high here. The locals also speak English fluently. Although their mother tongue is Greek.
This republic has several significant advantages for you:
security development of the banking system simplified receipt of residence permits and citizenship sparing taxes.
How to obtain a residence permit.
To obtain a residence permit in Cyprus, the most common causal factors are: # 8212; getting an education, buying your own home or office, formal employment and setting up your business within the island.
The fact of personal property gives the opportunity to purchase a residence permit Pink slip with the possibility of its prolongation (long-term residence). It is enough to file documents with the immigration service. An integral part here is the confirmation of a continuous profit outside of Cyprus. This is more than 15 thousand euros per year. It is very important: if your departure from Cyprus takes more than three months, this document will be canceled.
Pink slip can also be issued for university students for a period of study. To do this, you will need a document of enrollment and sufficient funds for living on the island. Or issue a guest visa for 1 year. As for the residence permit for employment purposes, it will be more difficult.
Legislation is very cautious when issuing this kind of residence, trying to protect its citizens. Registration will take a long process. If Cyprus citizens are not applying for a vacancy, then this right can be transferred to a foreigner.
But you can count only by applying for a job of high office. Otherwise, the legislation will qualify the personnel for qualification, which can be claimed by their local citizens (eg, the Cleaner).
After you have lived in Cyprus for more than five years, you are given the opportunity to register a permanent residence. To do this, you need a certain list of documents, which will include a certificate of no criminal record, the availability of permanent earnings in the documentation form, a certificate of the presence of their own housing.
It is also important to know that there is a ban on immigration to the Greek zone of the Republic through the airports of Northern Cyprus and its ports. This is due to the fact that since 2004 there has been a ban on free visits between the Greek and Turkish zones. Violation may result in refusal to receive the document.
Failure can also serve as the supply of false or fraudulent documents, a conviction of more than one year in the first 5 years after the acquisition of citizenship.
Immigration for financially independent persons.
If you have sufficient income and want to live in Cyprus, then it is possible to obtain a residence permit for financially independent persons. To do this, you will need proof of your financial stability and sufficiency for a period of 1 year.
The term of such a residence permit is issued for 1 year with the probability of extension. The acquisition of such residence permits will allow your family to reside on the territory of the Republic.
Making a purchase of real estate within the Republic may give an opportunity to obtain a temporary residence permit. At what the value of the purchase is not defined. This kind of residence permit gives the right to legally reside on the island, to run their own business, to be a co-owner of the company and receive education. However, employment in the Cyprus labor market is prohibited by law. The processing time can last up to 8 months.
There are several categories under which a person must fall in order to obtain a residence permit:
Opening of an office in Cyprus on international relations. the positive impact of business on the economy. financial security.
Real estate in Cyprus can serve not only as a wonderful way to get a residence permit, but also to purchase not bad earnings. Many buy apartments or houses on the territory of Cyprus, and then rent them out at a decent price.
It is possible to arrange a Cypriot residence permit for pensioners. Exceptionally financially secured elderly people can use this right (at least 1000 euros per month per person). With this type of residence permit, official employment in Cyprus is cut off.
Registration of citizenship.
You can obtain citizenship as follows:
by blood relationship. marriage with a citizen / citizen of Cyprus. naturalization. investment.
If you have stayed in the territory for at least 5 years within the framework of the residence permit of Cyprus, it becomes possible to issue permanent residence. Then, after 7 years, the right to obtain citizenship appears. Such a method is considered naturalization. But you can get a passport much earlier.
When buying a property of at least 2,500,000 million Euros there is a right to apply for citizenship.
In the same way, it can happen when investing its funds in the state. bonds or investments in public property. Acquisition of the passport in these cases can occur within half a year.
One official marriage with a Cypriot citizen will not be enough. To obtain a passport, you will need to live together for at least three years. Each application will be considered exclusively individually. Therefore, no one can give special guarantees. Probably you need proof of not fictitious marriage.
When assigning citizenship, there is an equalization of rights with citizens of the European Union. Legislation allows you to retain your previous citizenship, allowing you to acquire dual citizenship.

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