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How to move from Kazakhstan to Russia for permanent residence in accordance with the resettlement program of compatriots.

How to move from Kazakhstan to Russia for permanent residence in accordance with the resettlement program of compatriots.
More and more people are interested in the question of whether immigration and relocation to Russia for permanent residence from Kazakhstan is possible under the resettlement program in 2018. Since its opening, this program has become more and more in demand in many countries, with every year corrections and adjustments are made to it. But Russia is a beautiful, amazing, rapidly developing country with a rich language and a multitude of traditions and customs, which makes it attractive not only for tourists, but also for immigrants, many want to find in it their place under the sun. And despite the fact that Kazakhstan is quite an economically developed and prosperous republic, some of its residents still decide to move from Kazakhstan to permanent residence in Russia.
What is the "Resettlement Program for Compatriots"
Immigration to Russia is gaining momentum every year, one of the popular ways, is to become a participant in the federal resettlement program. Initially, this program was approved in 2006 and for the last ten years a lot of various edits and corrections were made to it. The most active period of applications for participation in this program occurred during the period when the applicant was given the opportunity to:
receipt of a benefit by the program participant in the amount of 240,000 rubles (and an additional 20,000 for each member of his family); if the participant does not have an official source of permanent income, receive monthly payments; compensation equal to the amount of all costs associated with the move.
Later, due to a lack of budget, these payments were canceled, but the program is still gaining momentum. The main reason for this popularity is & # 8211; participation in this program & # 8211; one of the most short-term ways to obtain the citizenship of the Russian Federation, allowing the applicant to skip a few complex and long-term steps that are necessary for registration in the general procedure and in 4-9 months to receive a permanent Russian passport. Its purpose is to help participants move to permanent residence in Russia on a legal basis.
Who can apply.
To leave for permanent residence in Russia from Kazakhstan and take part in this program, the applicant must meet a number of criteria:
To come of age according to the legislation of the Russian Federation (at the moment, 18 years); Provide proof of their ability to work and desire to work for the benefit of the Russian Federation; Prove your knowledge of Russian at a sufficient level, as well as knowledge of law and history; Have education and professional skills.
Non-compliance with one or more of the above conditions threatens with difficulties or refusal to participate in the program. Unfortunately, persons who have a disability can not be participants of the program on their own, but if they are members of the applicant's family, this restriction does not apply to them. With those who have a disability, but they are workable, the situation looks a bit different, when applying, they will need to provide an employment contract with the Russian employer.
Attention! If the applicant independently refuses to participate and leaves the territory of the Russian Federation before the expiration of 2 years, all documents for legalization of the status will be canceled.
Moving from Kazakhstan.
Having decided to move to permanent residence in Russia from Kazakhstan, the first thing to do is to contact the representative bodies of the Russian Federation (the Consulate or the Embassy), they can be found in Almaty, Uralsk, Astana and Ust-Kamenogorsk. Departure for permanent residence in Russia for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as for other migrants is carried out in several stages:
Entry to the reception (you can apply using the official website); Download and fill out the application form (the form can also be found on the website); Prepare the necessary package of documents: photocopies of each page of the internal passport; Participant's questionnaire filled in legibly in Russian; state application; photos on documents of 35 * 45 mm format in the amount of 2 pieces; make a copy of the document authorizing legal residence in the Russian Federation; documents on education and work experience; documents confirming family ties with Russian citizens.
Attention! The validity of the certificate is 3 years and is not renewed, for this time, the participant is obliged to find another legal way to be on the territory of the Russian Federation.
All documents must be submitted with notarized translations or be initially in Russian. The period of consideration of the application is 2 months, in case of a positive decision, the applicant will receive a written notification for receiving the certificate of the program participant.
Resettlement program statistics.
After the more perfect and changed version of this program was launched in 2013, the question of whether Russians would return to Russia was increasingly raised. According to statistical surveys in Kazakhstan (the country with the highest level of economic in Central Asia) about 50% of compatriots agreed to return to their homeland. This is significantly less than in Ukraine (where this figure is 65%), and Kazakhstan is the second largest Russian diaspora after it. At more detailed consideration it is possible to find out:
14% answered affirmatively that they are determined to move 14.7% answered "most likely yes". 22% declared uncertainty about their intentions 6.7% are determined to remain in Kazakhstan 22.3% answered "# 8221; The remaining 20.3% of the respondents refrained from responding.
At the same time, among the main reasons for the move was mentioned:
dissatisfaction with the economic situation; reunion with close and distant relatives; Possibility of realization of own potential; desire to give a better education to their children.
Not looking at the high level of economic development in Kazakhstan, not only ethnic Russians, but also the indigenous people of this country are ready to move to Russia.

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