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How to leave Ukraine for Poland?

How to leave Ukraine for Poland?
One day at the end of winter of 2014, I was sitting in the garage and fiddling with "tuning" auto. And the brother of my classmate calls me, says:
Now I'm skating close, I'll pick you up, and? & # 187 ;. I was surprised why he wants to talk, because we had not talked much before, his name is Yasha.
Agreed to meet at the stadium & Labor Reserves & # 187; & # 8212; there we with courtyard friends usually met on the horizontal bars, communicated and pulled up in the fresh air with a beautiful view of the open night sky and stars.
Where did the idea to go to Poland start?
It turned out that Yasha had extra gasoline and they rode around the city. About that about choked. I told that it's time to live separately from my parents, I tried at the dacha (three days I could only :)), and now I'm thinking about going to another country.
He told the story of how his classmate went to Finland last year to collect strawberries for the summer and earned well, I do not remember how much already. I then caught fire with this idea and for another half hour did not change the subject of the conversation. After all, for me work not at home meant that I would live without my parents, see other countries, and earn money. How could my young naive mind not believe this fairy tale? Of course, he pecked! You can also go to get a higher education in Poland and stay there.
Then on the same day I said (as I remember right now) to myself and others that I'm starting to do a passport and invited Yasha to go together. Agreed to phone when I start. I called him, he does not remember what he said, but I did not go to register my passport.
Also remember that night when we communicated I noticed, he noticed and my friends also saw how the star fell from the sky, and it was very bright, so it even became light for a while. I said back then: "You see, Yasha, this is what that means, you need to act!"
Then I began to learn about the passport and visa, I had to go to a travel company, I called Yasha, and he said that he would not do anything, well, I will not force you to persuade. And my idea was liked by another friend and he decided that he also did not mind going. So we, together with Denis, began to walk, call, learn the peculiarities of how to go to other countries. We wanted to Finland, it did not work out & # 8212; a little late (for several months :)). And it turned out to Poland - there the workers' hands from Ukraine are always needed.
How to go to Poland to work?
How to go to Poland to work? Photos at work in Gdansk.
After talking with Yasha, I was actively looking for opportunities to obtain a passport, invited my friends to go together. I was supported by one person, my age is Denis. And on March 15 we filed for passport and photographed. A month later they were ready.
International passport.
They did it themselves, without intermediaries, in an institution called OVIR. There is a district - by residence permit, and we also have a regional one in Dnepropetrovsk. I first went to the registration, and there are completely embittered people, that's why I went straight to the regional one, the people are more pleasant a hundred times :).
There was nothing complicated, except for the moment with a certificate of non-conviction, under the law it was not necessary to pay for it, but there were hardened workers and I paid about UAH 170 (2014) for it. Denis was also told that he had to pay, he took the receipts for payment, and simply did not pay for it, having handed over the confirmation without this payment. More nuances with passports were not.
The firm for employment Viza Staff.
Viza Staff. In the meantime, we were looking for a visa and finding a job in Finland. And they decided to look for a firm for employment. It was early April 2014. They searched the Internet, called, talked, but without success. We were answered as if in one voice:
"Too late. It was necessary to call before, the set is over "
As it turned out, recruitment to Finland only goes until January - February. Yeah .. we're obviously late. After some time they found a firm, by the way the only one that offered to come to their office to talk. As it turned out, there is only one millionaire in the city (we found only one worker) Viza Staff employment firm, and her office at the central station. I was worried that they would not divorce us for money.
In this firm, we were offered two developments: scaffolds or cucumbers and tomatoes. In the first variant, the initial payment is 8zl, with a further increase to 9, 10, and if you are the world's best forestry builder, then 11 zl. Plus work at an altitude of 120m. In the second variant there was a payment of 7 zl and a dot, but closer to the ground and it's safe. What to choose two young guys with the burning eyes of a new experience?
We thought a couple of days, we decided that we were going to the scaffolding, where we saw the increase and development, we could still finish the courses, which guaranteed a salary of 12lch hour and of course the romance of the height, according to promises up to 120 meters.
Reception of the visa through the agency.
Further, the company was engaged in a visa .. We only later with a package of papers went to the visa center, they also paid a compulsory insurance policy for a visa, without which they do not accept documents (and which we did not show anywhere else). That's all, we had to turn them in the window.
Obligatory insurance in Poland. Except at the border, no one was asked.
First and until the last visa in the passport.
A month has passed, it has already come in May 2014. came to the office with visas and found out that there is no set for the forests, only the vegetables have remained .. And what to think, it would be desirable to go and find out how good it is there where we are not 🙂 We speak with Deniska that we will go on greenhouses, thinking about how to get together cucumbers and tomatoes.
Still there was a moment, invited our parents to "talk". Well, we came with my parents and on the face of the representatives of the company after five minutes of questions it was clear that they regretted that they had been invited, because they are parents, they are going through more than necessary.
Surprise with the employment agency.
The phone rang in the morning, with the company, so that today we are at 10 in the office, we will go to the next city to the main office and we will receive all the documents. In an hour they arrived and waited for the director for another hour. He never came, talked with his deputy. At this time the phone of this zam rang. It turned out that there are places for scaffolding. We are, we are going. We were still frightened by the height, hard work and issued instructions, direct text:
"How to get to work cheap and without adventure"
Is this company this thing: to whom, in what city are we going? They learned only in the content of this "guidebook for Poland". Also in the documents were Polish phone numbers and we called them and talked to our foreman. Even with an expressive smile on the road we were hinted:
"Then you'll thank us, it's a good job. One of the best! Bring us good wine from Poland in gratitude. You'll see! ".
In the final analysis, they can bring three sevens from the nearest ATB, the same insipid as the vacancy of the scaffold installer. The firm did not deceive the money or documents, only embellished our expectations.
I'll explain why: we were persuaded in the firm that we will earn $ 1000 per month, plus we will win even at the rate of exchange - so even more, but in fact they can be earned only after 3-4 months, provided that they work for 12 hours. In any weather on the street, where the cold wind blows from the sea. In fact, I and Denis obtained 500-700.
Another note: the average salary of Poles in the factories in Poland is $ 500-700, with a working day of 8 hours and sometimes on Saturday.
This can be interesting:
I will add that this firm Viza Staff is conscientious, does not throw money and work. But we did it so. I know from a dozen people exactly who were satisfied with their services.

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